If only....This movie was not made

Last night I was relaxing after completing all my chores. After a mental check of the completed activities ( Ironing clothes for next day, arranging my bag, packing up my laptop, kissing parents goodnight, popping my iron tablets ), I decided to lie down n watch some tv. As I was just browsing through the channels, I saw that a movie called Ru ba ru was playing on star gold. I vaguely recall someone telling me that this movie was a bollywood remake of the hollywood one "If Only". I just love that movie. Its probably the most romantic movie I've ever seen. I have seen it atleast 6 times n I can watch it all over again. Thanks Kannan, for giving me that movie :-). So, after perching myself perfectly on the couch with some chocolates, I decided to watch the so called remake.

Not that I was expecting a mind blowing movie but still there is a limit to how pathetic a movie can get. The movie was all wrong right from the start. Its a perfect lift from the original including dialogues...but the actors are sloppiness personified. Who on earth introduced Randeep Hooda to filmdom? That guy deserves a death penalty. Mr. Hooda cant act to save his life. His expressions suck to no end. The scenes in which he was supposed to be emotional made me laugh out loud. Why try so hard when you know that you cant pull it off. His body language is so terrible that it made me wanna kill him. The only thing that made me sit through the movie was that I knew he was going to die in the end. God bless the director for doing that. If the climax was changed like in most bollywood remakes, I would have sued the director.

The girl Shahana Goswami was okay. I loved her performance in "Rock On!!" though. She looked so uncomfortable in this movie. I dont blame her. Having such an ugly, non-actor as the costar can make anyone uncomfortable. The kissing scenes made me cringe. Yuckeeeeee... Why on earth would anyone want to kiss him?? or even touch him for that matter. The movie is prolonged so no reason. The entire girlfriend meeting prospective in-laws portion was unnecessary. I loved her white frock in that scene though. I'm actually quite jealous of her. Why should'nt I be? She's got Milind Soman now. Wahhhh!! I want him. Probably her having to kiss Randeep Hooda was a punishment for stealing Milind from me :P.

If Only made me realize the importance of love in life. The importance of staying in love. I've always believed that falling in love is not important. Staying in love is. The original was just that. This Ru ba crap made me want to cry out loud. For wasting 4 hours( including the breaks) of my life. A humble request to all directors out there. Please.. Pleeeeeeeeeeeease not Randeep Hooda again. Cant inflict pain on myself again.

One of the Cutest Things I've ever seen :-)

Check this out. Its really cute!!

Splash Of Love

I'm in love with the Limca ad starring Sushma Reddy and Indraneil Sen Gupta. Its soo cute. The couple look so much in love. Its so refreshing the ad. I hate the drink though. It tastes like soap water to me. But the ad gives me goose bumps each time I see it. The lyrics make me go "Awww.....". The locales are lovely. I want to do the same ad with the guy I love :-). I hope the concerned person understands. I am glued to the tv each time they feature the full ad. Whoever thought of it is a genius. Its really cutttttttteeeeeeeeeee!! Check it out to feel the splash.


M(asala) Tv

I just started watching the new season of Splitsvilla on Mtv. Aptly titled Splitsvilla 2. The first season was kinda good. Hot girls trying to woo the hottie Vishal n the not so hot Varun. Varun?? Why God why? Why him of all the people. That guy was a loser right from day one. Was kicked out from Roadies 5.0 in the very first episode. Later came back n succeeded in convincing people that he is actually good at something. What you ask?? Obviously in being a lady boy. Hmmm... that dint work either when he was chucked out again. I couldnt believe that such lovely girls were fighting over a loser like him. That too a loser who had his nipples pierced on national television :p. Vishal just rocked with his cute dimples n surely deserved Shraddha n to win the show. Btw their new show together "Couple Sutra" is not that great. Well as long as I get to watch Vishal its fine with me :-). Splitsvilla 2 is well....hmmm...err...not that good. Its too complicated with equal number of guys n girls. I'm more than sure that they'll start falling in love in all possible permutations n combinations :P. None of the guys look all that great. Someone called Param (name sucks btw) looks kinda okay. N dont get me started on the girls. None of them look good when compared to last time. I just dint get the concept of the so called "King" n "Queen". I just thought thats gonna last for an episode but its just going on n on. Lets see how it goes on.

I always thought Mtv was an exclusive music channel. But these shows take most of the time. I kinda like the new Roadies though. Nauman looks WOW!! I actually saw him frolicking in Brigade Road one day with his twin. I donno who was who but who cares. It was twice the joy :P. Speaking about twins Raghu n Rajiv are not bad either. I know most of them hate them, but I think they ROCK!! Roadies is so amazingly popular today just because of them. Gurmeet a.k.a Palak is definitely on the wrong show. She needs to be on WWE. Man can she wrestle or what. I seriously liked Bobby though. Its a pity she had to go. Paulomi....wow!! I thought what on earth were Raghu n Rajiv thinking? But she's fun to watch. She's the entertainment factor of the show. I'm glad Sufi is back. Miss Kiri though. Hope this show goes well n a deserving roadie wins. Btw I'm in love with Rannvijay :P. I just watch the show for him.

If one show must go off air, its definitely g-talk. Doesnt ring a bell?? (i dont blame you), its the show hosted by Anmol n Shambhvi. Together they give the word 'bitching' a whole new meaning. I cant believe guests actually visit them. I literally fainted when Rahul Bose was a guest on their show. I have drooled over him all my life n they get to meet him :-(. I still wonder why are they so decked up n made up while sitting at home. Hope we dont have to tolerate this show for long.

Mtv has always been my favourite music channel. Now its become a masala channel. Although the new shows are kinda good, I seriously miss Mtv Most Wanted, Chito Chat, Chill out. I hope such shows make a comeback soon. Cheers Mtv!!


A feeling of gratefulness is the best way to achieve happiness and a good life. Gratitude, the feeling of thankfulness and joy in response to receiving a gift, is one of the essential ingredients for living a good life. Studies have found that men were much less likely to feel and express gratitude than women. Women usually feel greater levels of gratitude when presented with gifts. Because men are generally taught to control and conceal their softer emotions, which may be limiting their well-being.

Three elements are essential for creating happiness and meaning in life: meaningful relationships, gratitude, and living in the present, with an attitude of openness and curiosity. Stay happy n keep others happy!! Live n let live!!

Happy Birthday Aamir

Hey its Aamir Khan's birthday today. For me he shall always be the king of Khans. Mr. Perfectionist always makes the perfect movies. Be it Bhuvan of Lagaan or DJ of Rang de Basanti his characters always leave a mark. But his best performance till date will be Andaaz Apna Apna. I actually liked Mangal Pandey as well. I donno why it lost out at the box office. Ghajini was overhyped but I dint like it much. Was too loud. But I still love his movies. Thanks for Taare Zameen Par i particular n thanks for giving us Imran Khan:-). Happy Birthday Aamir. You surely dont look 44!!

The Rickshaw Menace

Whenever I decide to settle down in a city, the only one that comes to my mind is Bangalore. This place is nothing less than heaven. This city of joy has the most pleasant climate at all times. Its a party hub as well as the IT hub. What more do you want. As they say that the best things in life always has an ugly side to it, the same applies to the city as well.

The ugly side being the million Autorickshaw drivers who rule the city. Man they are theives in disguise. I can safely say that 99.99% of them are dishonest. The price that these guys demand these days is equivalent to an airticket sometimes. It just doesnt make any sense. When they have a meter fixed to their vehicle, why on earth do they quote their own price. Trust me, sometimes it feels like an auction.

Its not that their meters are perfect either. Either their meters are tampered or their brains. Today as I was travelling to office in a rick the meter suddenly bounced from 23 bucks to 47 bucks. As i reached half my journey, the meter showed twice the amount that would cost me, had I reached my destination. The worst part was that the driver was so adamant that he has a perfect meter. It was then that I lost my cool. After having given the driver a piece of my mind using the golden words from my dictionary I got down halfway. I was in the middle of a street with no transport. None of the rickshaws were empty, n if they were the price they asked me actually made me tell a guy that I was not looking to buy his vehicle. No wonder they were empty. It is technically supposed to be 7 bucks per kilometer. Which itself is comparatively very high when compared to other cities. Yet, these theives are not happy. Some creeps dont hesitate to ask about a 100 bucks for a 5 kilometer journey. If you're trying to board a rick from areas like Brigade Road, MG Road, Koramangala or Jayanagar ( its not like its better in other areas ), then God save you. Those guys demand atleast twice the actual amount. I've had terrible experiences with regarding these auto drivers. Here are a few of them:
  • Once i travelled in a rick in which the meter was perfect and I was like "Wow! We do have
    some honest drivers around". But the shock came when he demanded extra just because he had a perfect meter. Hello... I am not giving away rewards for honesty.
  • A month ago I was arguing with a driver in front of my office as he was demanding 30 bucks extra, he says "Madam, you work in such a big office and yet you're arguing for 30 bucks?". Can you beat that? I was like "Dude, I work there. My dad doesnt own that office".
  • Sometime when my sister n I were going out to watch a movie, we came across a signal.
    Inspite of standing still, the meter went on n on. Reason he says, "Waiting Charge". We were stunned. Its not that we like waiting somewhere for no reason especially when we are late for a movie.
  • When I was negotiating the price with a driver once, another driver comes along n agrees to take me for the meter charge. At the destination he demands extra since he saved me earlier from the greedy driver. Phew! My saviour. A rickshawalla??

I'm more than sure that soon these notorious people will start accepting cheques n credit cards. Just hope something is done soon about these corrupt rickshaw drivers.

LOL :-)

When I'm tired of working I take a break and read some crazy quotes. N trust me they never fail to cheer me up. Here are a few of my favourites.
  • Beauty isn't worth thinking about; what's important is your mind. You don't want a fifty-dollar haircut on a fifty-cent head.
  • By working faithfully eight hours a day, you may get to be a boss and work twelve hours a day.
  • I don't understand why Cupid was chosen to represent Valentine's Day. When I think about romance, the last thing on my mind is a short, chubby toddler coming at me with a weapon.
  • I recently read that love is entirely a matter of chemistry. That must be why my wife treats me like toxic waste.
  • Some people never go crazy. What truly horrible lives they must lead.
  • I always wondered why babies spend so much time sucking their thumbs. Then I tasted baby food.
  • My grandfather likes to give me advice, but he's a little forgetful. One day, he took me aside and left me there.
  • Simply because nobody disagrees with you doesn't mean you're brilliant - maybe you're the boss.
  • When everything else fails, read the instructions.
  • If you want your children to listen, try talking softly - to someone else.
  • It's amazing that the amount of news that happens in the world every day always just exactly fits the newspaper.
  • Men who have a pierced ear are better prepared for marriage - they've experienced pain and bought jewellery.
  • My husband said he needed more space. So I locked him outside.
  • Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.
  • Why is it when we talk to God we're praying, but when God talks to us, we're schizophrenic?
  • A graduation ceremony is an event where the commencement speaker tells thousands of students dressed in identical caps and gowns that individuality is the key to success.
  • The surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that it has never tried to contact us.

Laughter is the best medicine. The best feeling in the world is when you bring a smile on someone's face. Try it...


While reading the news paper one saturday morning, my eyes literally popped out of my head. I was on the movie review page where the movie Dev.D had got a 5 star rating (*****). I was like "What on earth is happening". I had never seen a bollywood movie with the highest rating. As far as I can recall Kill Bill was the only movie with a perfect rating. I had watched Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Devdas. Primarily because it starred Shahrukh Khan. I enjoyed the movie but there was nothing over the top about it. The story seemed too predictable. But Madhuri's costumes were to die for. The ending actually depressed the hell out of me.

After having read the review of Dev.D, me and my sister decided to go watch it. We have seen the worst of movies together so we thought one more will hardly make a difference. But the minute the movie started we were like "WOW" n there was no looking back. It is a movie made for the present generation. Abhay Deol actually proved that not all deols suck. He is amazing as Dev the london-returned punjabi munda. The modern Paro made me standup n applaud. Way to go gal!! Newcomer Maahi Gill has potrayed the character of Paro so splendidly that the halo of Aishwarya Rai actually disappears. Wish she had used a digi cam to shoot herself though :P. The way she transforms from a psyched lover to a responsible wife stumped me. Her dance moves during her wedding was hilarious. Not to miss the prized expression on her husband's face. She has the right amount of charm n excels throughout the movie.

But what caught my attention the most was the character Chanda. Man, that girl looked no more than 15. Her naiveness surprisingly seemed perfect for the part. The movie had amazing twists n turns that it actually made me sit back n replay. The whole concept of booze n dope has been shown so well that it seems like a day to day occurance. Actually I hate those people who resort to such things when something goes wrong in their life. Are they losers or what. For some, this is actually a style statement (OMG!!! Can you believe it).

Well, now coming back to the movie you actually realise that its not so bad. Could have done with fewer songs though. There are hardly any dialogues but those present were witty n very much in sync with today. Thankfully the censorboard did not choose to beep any dialogues. Else the movie would be nothing but beep beep. The song emotional athyachaar ( especially the smoking smoking nikle re duaaaaaaaa part )is catchy n the movie is worth watching just for it. This is much much better than SLB's Devdas. I have not seen the earlier classic so will not compare. The climax is the best part of the movie. I never thought that a Devdas will end in a happy note.
Finally a bollywood movie that set the ball rolling. Loved it. Only an Anurag Kashyap can churn up a movie like this. Brilliant dude..

Midweek Bliss

Yay!! Today's a holiday. Even the thought of not going to work on a weekday would bring a smile on every techie's face. So here's mine :-). Its not that I dont enjoy my work, I love what I do but I cant help but rejoice waking up late n lazing around for an entire day. Smile again :-). Waiting for the weekend is something everyone does, so when you get an off midweek its a blissful surprise. Sleeping, relaxing, watching a movie, reading or spending time with a loved one destresses me and motivates me to work hard the next day. Atleast thats how it works for me.

Now coming to the point, its holi today. Else we would'nt be having an off in the first place. After a mini celebration of holi yesterday at office I'm done. I've got nothing against colours. Its jus the aftermath that worries me. The washing and cleaning up part. People look colourful for days together :P. N let me not get started on the whole bhaang issue. Multicoloured people acting crazy is the last thing I want on a holiday. So, let people get crazy while I'm gonna laze around..

Happy Holi guys!!

Master Of The Game

Sidney Sheldon termed Kate Blackwell as the Master Of The Game in one of his novels by the same name. After watching the bombarding performance of Kate Winslet in "The Reader" and "Revolutionary Road" I'd love to honour her as The Master Of The Game. No wonder she ruled the award functions this year. She has always been underrated as an actress. After like a million nominations she won this year n truly deserved it.

I was actually hoping that she would win when she was nominated for the magnum opus "Titanic". None of the top leading ladies would have been half as convincing as she was as Rose. Yeah, Leonardo rocked too as the pauper Jack but I honestly felt that it was Kate who was the winner all the way. After watching The Reader I was just amazed. The movie is truely a masterpiece. Those who hav'nt watched it, rush n watch it cos you're missing out on something big. Kate excelled here as Hannah the illiterate. The way the movie unfolds and the way her character grows is truely remarkable. Her heart warming expressions captures your soul n you cant help but feel pity for her. The journey of a single illiterate woman is catapulted wonderfully into a movie. After a long time I've rejoiced a movie so much. Her experiences in prison, her meaningless signature, the way she learns to read n write has been shown brilliantly. One of my favourite scenes in the movie is when Hannah walks into the prison library n asks for a book. Her confusion, the embarassment, her blank eyes as she stares through words she cant recognise, her kiddish handwriting actually brought a tear to my eye. I was actually disappointed when she chose to go to prison rather than accepting that she dint write that letter as she dint know how to write. But the way she holds on to herself n faces life is seriously inspiring. Her 'kid' has done an amazing job too. I probably would not have the patience to read an entire book to anyone. Thats what is endearing about this movie. It teaches us patience n tells us life moves on no matter what. The ending was not as I had expected but it justified her character.

Just when I thought that I had seen her best movie, I was transported to "Revolutionary Road". A sweet, simple love story gone wrong this was. Anyone who is in or has been in a relationship will identify themselves with the leading couple. A regular troubled family. The flow of events is regular n very believable. Kate stands out again here as the disturbed housewife who is a failed actress. The shouting, screaming and the arguments is shot well although at times it got too loud. All in all a great movie. Its not surprising that both the movies did really well back to back. Here's three cheers to Kate Winslet. Hope she keeps on entertaining us for a long time..

Rock on Kate... You're truly a master!!

Love is......

Love makes the world go round. According to me being in love or being loved is the best gift
of God. Love is one of the best things that has ever happened to me.. I wrote these verses
for someone very close to my heart..

Although it was not love at first sight,
It was you I thought of morning,noon and night..
Earlier it seemed so hazy n blue,
Then i realised I was in love with you..

For my feelings there was no start or stop,
It was always gradual, hop by hop..
Before I understood these feelings were new,
I knew I was in love with you..

The days,minutes and seconds we spent together,
Those are the moments I always remember..
Wanna tell you a million things,but words I get are few,
Darling, I'm in love with you..

Sweet, caring, crazy but loving,
Thats my sweetheart, cute and charming..
Sounds insane but its true,
Yes, my honey I'm in love with you..

Life with you seems so bright n beautiful,
You erased my worries n made it colourful..
Holy as the bible n as pure as dew,
Thats my love that I feel for you..

My First ;-)

I've always toyed around with the idea of creating a blog.. Sometimes i felt its gonna be fun n sometimes just dint have the patience to sign up n start..
Not anymore. Now I have my own blog...Yipeeee!!