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If only....This movie was not made

Last night I was relaxing after completing all my chores. After a mental check of the completed activities ( Ironing clothes for next day, arranging my bag, packing up my laptop, kissing parents goodnight, popping my iron tablets ), I decided to lie down n watch some tv. As I was just browsing through the channels, I saw that a movie called Ru ba ru was playing on star gold. I vaguely recall someone telling me that this movie was a bollywood remake of the hollywood one "If Only". I just love that movie. Its probably the most romantic movie I've ever seen. I have seen it atleast 6 times n I can watch it all over again. Thanks Kannan, for giving me that movie :-). So, after perching myself perfectly on the couch with some chocolates, I decided to watch the so called remake.

Not that I was expecting a mind blowing movie but still there is a limit to how pathetic a movie can get. The movie was all wrong right from the start. Its a perfect lift from the original including dialogues...but the actors are sloppiness personified. Who on earth introduced Randeep Hooda to filmdom? That guy deserves a death penalty. Mr. Hooda cant act to save his life. His expressions suck to no end. The scenes in which he was supposed to be emotional made me laugh out loud. Why try so hard when you know that you cant pull it off. His body language is so terrible that it made me wanna kill him. The only thing that made me sit through the movie was that I knew he was going to die in the end. God bless the director for doing that. If the climax was changed like in most bollywood remakes, I would have sued the director.

The girl Shahana Goswami was okay. I loved her performance in "Rock On!!" though. She looked so uncomfortable in this movie. I dont blame her. Having such an ugly, non-actor as the costar can make anyone uncomfortable. The kissing scenes made me cringe. Yuckeeeeee... Why on earth would anyone want to kiss him?? or even touch him for that matter. The movie is prolonged so no reason. The entire girlfriend meeting prospective in-laws portion was unnecessary. I loved her white frock in that scene though. I'm actually quite jealous of her. Why should'nt I be? She's got Milind Soman now. Wahhhh!! I want him. Probably her having to kiss Randeep Hooda was a punishment for stealing Milind from me :P.

If Only made me realize the importance of love in life. The importance of staying in love. I've always believed that falling in love is not important. Staying in love is. The original was just that. This Ru ba crap made me want to cry out loud. For wasting 4 hours( including the breaks) of my life. A humble request to all directors out there. Please.. Pleeeeeeeeeeeease not Randeep Hooda again. Cant inflict pain on myself again.


  1. seems its love season:-)my recent romantic fav..

  2. tats one of ma favs as well....
    fav lines from tat movie: "its no brainer...i wud spend da day wid u"

  3. Hey you gotto watch "In the mood for love" by Wang kar wai.

    Peace out.


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