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M(asala) Tv

I just started watching the new season of Splitsvilla on Mtv. Aptly titled Splitsvilla 2. The first season was kinda good. Hot girls trying to woo the hottie Vishal n the not so hot Varun. Varun?? Why God why? Why him of all the people. That guy was a loser right from day one. Was kicked out from Roadies 5.0 in the very first episode. Later came back n succeeded in convincing people that he is actually good at something. What you ask?? Obviously in being a lady boy. Hmmm... that dint work either when he was chucked out again. I couldnt believe that such lovely girls were fighting over a loser like him. That too a loser who had his nipples pierced on national television :p. Vishal just rocked with his cute dimples n surely deserved Shraddha n to win the show. Btw their new show together "Couple Sutra" is not that great. Well as long as I get to watch Vishal its fine with me :-). Splitsvilla 2 is well....hmmm...err...not that good. Its too complicated with equal number of guys n girls. I'm more than sure that they'll start falling in love in all possible permutations n combinations :P. None of the guys look all that great. Someone called Param (name sucks btw) looks kinda okay. N dont get me started on the girls. None of them look good when compared to last time. I just dint get the concept of the so called "King" n "Queen". I just thought thats gonna last for an episode but its just going on n on. Lets see how it goes on.

I always thought Mtv was an exclusive music channel. But these shows take most of the time. I kinda like the new Roadies though. Nauman looks WOW!! I actually saw him frolicking in Brigade Road one day with his twin. I donno who was who but who cares. It was twice the joy :P. Speaking about twins Raghu n Rajiv are not bad either. I know most of them hate them, but I think they ROCK!! Roadies is so amazingly popular today just because of them. Gurmeet a.k.a Palak is definitely on the wrong show. She needs to be on WWE. Man can she wrestle or what. I seriously liked Bobby though. Its a pity she had to go.!! I thought what on earth were Raghu n Rajiv thinking? But she's fun to watch. She's the entertainment factor of the show. I'm glad Sufi is back. Miss Kiri though. Hope this show goes well n a deserving roadie wins. Btw I'm in love with Rannvijay :P. I just watch the show for him.

If one show must go off air, its definitely g-talk. Doesnt ring a bell?? (i dont blame you), its the show hosted by Anmol n Shambhvi. Together they give the word 'bitching' a whole new meaning. I cant believe guests actually visit them. I literally fainted when Rahul Bose was a guest on their show. I have drooled over him all my life n they get to meet him :-(. I still wonder why are they so decked up n made up while sitting at home. Hope we dont have to tolerate this show for long.

Mtv has always been my favourite music channel. Now its become a masala channel. Although the new shows are kinda good, I seriously miss Mtv Most Wanted, Chito Chat, Chill out. I hope such shows make a comeback soon. Cheers Mtv!!


  1. ok ,now I know 1 thing...there is a channel called MTV:-)

  2. yeah aru... its high time u know :-)


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