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Master Of The Game

Sidney Sheldon termed Kate Blackwell as the Master Of The Game in one of his novels by the same name. After watching the bombarding performance of Kate Winslet in "The Reader" and "Revolutionary Road" I'd love to honour her as The Master Of The Game. No wonder she ruled the award functions this year. She has always been underrated as an actress. After like a million nominations she won this year n truly deserved it.

I was actually hoping that she would win when she was nominated for the magnum opus "Titanic". None of the top leading ladies would have been half as convincing as she was as Rose. Yeah, Leonardo rocked too as the pauper Jack but I honestly felt that it was Kate who was the winner all the way. After watching The Reader I was just amazed. The movie is truely a masterpiece. Those who hav'nt watched it, rush n watch it cos you're missing out on something big. Kate excelled here as Hannah the illiterate. The way the movie unfolds and the way her character grows is truely remarkable. Her heart warming expressions captures your soul n you cant help but feel pity for her. The journey of a single illiterate woman is catapulted wonderfully into a movie. After a long time I've rejoiced a movie so much. Her experiences in prison, her meaningless signature, the way she learns to read n write has been shown brilliantly. One of my favourite scenes in the movie is when Hannah walks into the prison library n asks for a book. Her confusion, the embarassment, her blank eyes as she stares through words she cant recognise, her kiddish handwriting actually brought a tear to my eye. I was actually disappointed when she chose to go to prison rather than accepting that she dint write that letter as she dint know how to write. But the way she holds on to herself n faces life is seriously inspiring. Her 'kid' has done an amazing job too. I probably would not have the patience to read an entire book to anyone. Thats what is endearing about this movie. It teaches us patience n tells us life moves on no matter what. The ending was not as I had expected but it justified her character.

Just when I thought that I had seen her best movie, I was transported to "Revolutionary Road". A sweet, simple love story gone wrong this was. Anyone who is in or has been in a relationship will identify themselves with the leading couple. A regular troubled family. The flow of events is regular n very believable. Kate stands out again here as the disturbed housewife who is a failed actress. The shouting, screaming and the arguments is shot well although at times it got too loud. All in all a great movie. Its not surprising that both the movies did really well back to back. Here's three cheers to Kate Winslet. Hope she keeps on entertaining us for a long time..

Rock on Kate... You're truly a master!!


  1. wow .u have described this quite wonderfully sowmya..wll watch both these movies which i had not planned b4...:)


  2. Check out her role in "Heavenly Creatures".She was like 17 or 18 then...Yup,She is truly gifted.


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