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Midweek Bliss

Yay!! Today's a holiday. Even the thought of not going to work on a weekday would bring a smile on every techie's face. So here's mine :-). Its not that I dont enjoy my work, I love what I do but I cant help but rejoice waking up late n lazing around for an entire day. Smile again :-). Waiting for the weekend is something everyone does, so when you get an off midweek its a blissful surprise. Sleeping, relaxing, watching a movie, reading or spending time with a loved one destresses me and motivates me to work hard the next day. Atleast thats how it works for me.

Now coming to the point, its holi today. Else we would'nt be having an off in the first place. After a mini celebration of holi yesterday at office I'm done. I've got nothing against colours. Its jus the aftermath that worries me. The washing and cleaning up part. People look colourful for days together :P. N let me not get started on the whole bhaang issue. Multicoloured people acting crazy is the last thing I want on a holiday. So, let people get crazy while I'm gonna laze around..

Happy Holi guys!!


  1. "Multicoloured people acting crazy is the last thing I want on a holiday" roflmao.. sounds racist almost :P good work gal

  2. Wish I could get midweek off.. I never had one :(

  3. hehe definitely not intended to be a racist kirik.. :)

  4. Thats sad Manu, trust me its bliss indeed!!


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