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Splash Of Love

I'm in love with the Limca ad starring Sushma Reddy and Indraneil Sen Gupta. Its soo cute. The couple look so much in love. Its so refreshing the ad. I hate the drink though. It tastes like soap water to me. But the ad gives me goose bumps each time I see it. The lyrics make me go "Awww.....". The locales are lovely. I want to do the same ad with the guy I love :-). I hope the concerned person understands. I am glued to the tv each time they feature the full ad. Whoever thought of it is a genius. Its really cutttttttteeeeeeeeeee!! Check it out to feel the splash.


  1. Cute ad:-)and Sushma,WOW;-)I too wanna do the ad;-)

  2. Now a day i'm fond of ZooZoo ad's,,they are just amazing

  3. They are good yes, but this one is really cute..


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