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Stalker Scare

Jennifer Lopez sues stalker!! This was the first news I read some days ago when I had just got up. That had me wondering that how jobless can one get. I was surprised to know that stalking is actually a profession!! Awww .... Come on. Following someone around for a living ?? How Pathetic!! Well this is acceptable only in one case, if you're a detective. Having said that I thought that I was lucky not to be a celeb. But before I knew it I had to eat my words :(. Well I'm no celebrity but yet I've had pathetic experiences with creatures who are constantly watching you, observing your every move n worse talking to you about it. Creature = Stalker. After some research I actually found that stalkers are of more than a type. Usually its a person you know n the one whom you had rubbed the wrong way. Thats the first kind. Next is the kind who in plain simple words is a stranger. The one who monitors your every move. The one who doesnt have a face, yet knows everything about you.

Archer - The True master

Once I started working, I had absolutely no time to keep up my favourite activity... Reading. I was an avid reader with a huge collection of books stacked up at home. Dad has actually built two shelves just for accommodating my books. Right from Mills n Boon, Sidney Sheldon, Dan Brown to Jeffery Archer, Danielle Steele, Mario Puzo, Ayn Rand, Thomas Harris, Robin Cook n many more. As a teen, I was so fascinated by Sheldon that at times i would sit up all night trying to finish a book. 'Tell me your dreams ' was the first book I ever read. It was then that I started looking up to Sheldon n read all his books. My most favourite book of all times until 'Kane & Abel' came along was 'The Godfather' by Mario Puzo. Man, thats the most fascinating book I've ever read and my most favourite character till date. This is the only book that I have read more than twice. Yeah, I tend to read the same books again and again if I feel like :). I've had 'The Prodi

If a dog were your teacher

If a dog were your teacher These are some of the lessons you might learn... When loved ones come home, always run to greet them Never pass up the opportunity to go for a joyride Allow the experience of fresh air and the wind in your face to be pure ecstasy When it's in your best interest practice obedience Let others know when they've invaded your territory Take naps and stretch before rising Run romp and play daily Thrive on attention and let people touch you Avoid biting, when a simple growl will do On warm days stop to lie on your back on the grass On hot days drink lots of water and lay under a shady tree When you're happy dance around and wag your entire body No matter how often you're scolded Don't buy into the guilt thing and pout Run right back and make friends Delight in the simple joy of a long walk Eat with gusto and enthusiasm Stop when you have had enough Be loyal... Never pretend to be something you're not If what you want lies buried Dig until y

Breakfree :-)

I'm at work with nothing to do. The rest of the guys have to finish something before I start my work. So until they are done, I'm Freeeeeeeee!! But whats the point? All my friends are busy with their work. So half the time I'm sitting gazing at my laptop wondering what to do. Sitting idle makes me hungry, so I tend to eat something every half n hour. Thank God I'm blessed with a very high metabolism rate. Else I'll be in a custom made cubicle by now :P. But I love coming to office. Why? The lunch breaks obviously :). Probably I'm the only techie who takes a lunch break of a minimum 2 hours. Well I'm not the only one. I have company. Be it a friend or an "uncle", its always fun to sit by the water side n talk away to glory. My office place is like heaven. The outside campus I mean. Its studded with greenery. The weather is so lovely now that all I want to do is roam around the campus. The water spots are so serene that you wont realise how long you

A Little Extra

Have you ever wondered why are we never happy or completely satisfied with what we have. Its the case always is'nt it? Well look at me. When I was bombarded with work at office, all I could do was to pray for some spare time. Now, I'm so free that I'm waiting for some work to kill time. Yeah Yeah I can always browse net, chat, or blog to pass time. But these things too get boring after sometime. When I return home after spending half a months salary in shopping, I always feel that probably I should have bought this top in the other colour. Or that I should have picked up the cute little skirt as well. Guilty as charged! I'm never completely satisfied with whatever I have. I usually get bored of stuff very easily. Stuff not people! Well, I would'nt mind getting bored of some people though :P. If I like someone, or if I feel an immediate connection with someone I tend to stay with them for the rest of my life. I'm very proud to say that I'm still in very good

Raincoat- Love Quote

After a long time I decided to watch a bollywood flick. Having heard the wonderful review of the not so new movie "Raincoat" from my best critic/friend Mr.A, I decided to watch it. Honestly watching a complete Aishwarya Rai movie is just not my cup of tea ( in my case Coffee!! ). She's drop dead gorgeous alright. But whats with the over acting I dont understand. But she proved me wrong here. She simply rocked here with her simple bored housewife act. Ajay Devgan is one hell of a underrated actor. He can pull off such demure, sober acts with such elan n perfection. His act of the lover in desperate need of love from his wife, as in "Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam", touched my heart. Here he again plays a loser in need of money n love. The chemistry between both the lead actors is simply amazing. Kinda funny to see that someone can lie so much just to hide their wrecked life from their ex. She excelled at it. Her reason for not flying is so silly, yet its adorable the way

What makes you...............

What makes you love me so much? Do you feel so much I deserve, No matter what, I'm thankful for it This is something, I truely shall preserve. What makes you care for me so much? That without you I feel so lost It makes me realise how wonderful you are N I cant lose you at any cost. What makes you keep me so happy? That life seems so beautiful when I'm with you You love me in such a special way, I see your eyes n I can feel its true. What makes you think about me so much? That you always want me by your side So do I, today n forever, This is onething I shall always abide. What makes you want me so much? That I feel so lucky to be the one I know that you are the one for me, N with you my life is perfectly done.