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Breakfree :-)

I'm at work with nothing to do. The rest of the guys have to finish something before I start my work. So until they are done, I'm Freeeeeeeee!! But whats the point? All my friends are busy with their work. So half the time I'm sitting gazing at my laptop wondering what to do. Sitting idle makes me hungry, so I tend to eat something every half n hour. Thank God I'm blessed with a very high metabolism rate. Else I'll be in a custom made cubicle by now :P. But I love coming to office. Why? The lunch breaks obviously :). Probably I'm the only techie who takes a lunch break of a minimum 2 hours. Well I'm not the only one. I have company. Be it a friend or an "uncle", its always fun to sit by the water side n talk away to glory.

My office place is like heaven. The outside campus I mean. Its studded with greenery. The weather is so lovely now that all I want to do is roam around the campus. The water spots are so serene that you wont realise how long you have actually been there. With strange berries around to experiment, an annoying friend forcing me to eat them n countless topics to discuss, Life seems great. When the workload was high, I used to crave for such breaks. N now life seems to be a very long break n I can have all the free breaks I need. I'm not complaining but as far my miniature experience is considered, the more leisure now, the more you'll have to slog later.

Office is like a perfect internet hub for free. Work n download music side by side. Nahhhh..... Does'nt work for me. When I'm working, my entire concentration is on it. Pretty dedicated I am :). But when I'm out, I just love to unwind n get office out of my mind. Even if it is a 15 min coffee break. Living life to the fullest n taking life as it comes is what I believe in. Well I'm hungry again, so off I go :D.


  1. there will be at least 2 people who will have a great laugh over this is obviously you..and the other...
    no further comments...

  2. Hope your manager has not read this and get a print out of this during your appraisal cycle :) Its very true with everyone including me at office..

  3. Oh well.. doesnt matter. Given him enough proof of my hardwork :)


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