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Raincoat- Love Quote

After a long time I decided to watch a bollywood flick. Having heard the wonderful review of the not so new movie "Raincoat" from my best critic/friend Mr.A, I decided to watch it. Honestly watching a complete Aishwarya Rai movie is just not my cup of tea ( in my case Coffee!! ). She's drop dead gorgeous alright. But whats with the over acting I dont understand. But she proved me wrong here. She simply rocked here with her simple bored housewife act. Ajay Devgan is one hell of a underrated actor. He can pull off such demure, sober acts with such elan n perfection. His act of the lover in desperate need of love from his wife, as in "Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam", touched my heart. Here he again plays a loser in need of money n love. The chemistry between both the lead actors is simply amazing. Kinda funny to see that someone can lie so much just to hide their wrecked life from their ex. She excelled at it. Her reason for not flying is so silly, yet its adorable the way she says it. The significance of the weird title is superbly shown in the climax. Rituparno Ghosh has weaved a beautiful love story here. Probably one of the best I've ever seen. The movie warmed my heart n soul n Aishwarya earned my respect with this. Although I was not in tears after the movie ( unlike some people ), I thoroughly loved it. Those who havent seen it yet, please do.


  1. A great romantic movie of all time,though it has none of the trappings of any romantic movie...a)for most part it takes place in a dingy dark setting on a gloomy rainy day..b)There's no dancing. c)Ash looks pale and sullen not her usual drop-dead gorgeous

    .....and yet so beautifully sublime

  2. I havent seen this movie, need to add this to my list :)

  3. Ohh you need to watch it asap.. its a lovely movie


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