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What makes you...............

What makes you love me so much?
Do you feel so much I deserve,
No matter what, I'm thankful for it
This is something, I truely shall preserve.

What makes you care for me so much?
That without you I feel so lost
It makes me realise how wonderful you are
N I cant lose you at any cost.

What makes you keep me so happy?
That life seems so beautiful when I'm with you
You love me in such a special way,
I see your eyes n I can feel its true.

What makes you think about me so much?
That you always want me by your side
So do I, today n forever,
This is onething I shall always abide.

What makes you want me so much?
That I feel so lucky to be the one
I know that you are the one for me,
N with you my life is perfectly done.


  1. Top left corner..."The Lioness shares her thoughts"...Naa..."The Poetess shares her thoughts" ;-)

  2. At the touch of love everyone becomes a poet...
    -- Plato

    Here's your answer Aru.. In my case its a "poetess".. :)

  3. Perhaps no person can be a poet, or can even enjoy poetry, without a certain unsoundness of mind.-- Thomas Babington Macaulay :-)

    Watch this Robin williams flick called "Dead Poets Society"

  4. Are you sure you just dint make this up Aru?? :-)
    If not, I never ever said that I had a sound mind. If I had I would never have fallen in love with the "concerned" person :-)

  5. Hmm " Concerned" person.. liked this in the comments

  6. Yeah Manu.. let it remain that way..


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