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Lying down at 3.30 am today, I cant help but realise that I'm addicted to a hell lot of things. Just cant survive without these silly n not so silly things. So half asleep and eyes half closed I'm putting up this post using my baby... my beloved phone. Things for which I'm hooked to death :-

1. My Love - The most important thing.
2. Chocolates - Preferably dark chocolate. Any shape, size. Just cant live without it. My last wish would be to be buried in a coffin made of chocolate.
3. Coffee - Steaming hot cappuchino, 1 when I wake up, 1 in office after breakfast and 1 at 4, 1 when I get back home after work. The secret for me being an insomniac is revealed :P.
4. My baby no 1, cellphone - Either I'm talking on it or playing a game on it or its just lying quiet in my pocket. It just has to be around me.
5. My baby no 2, laptop with my beloved internet - Posted a blog on this earlier so no more comments :-)
6. Lemon Iced Tea - Barista rocks!!
7. Reading - Books are my best friends.
8. Talking - I can talk million to a dozen in 5 mins. I'm just used to it, what do I do? :)
9. Music - The only time i'm not speaking is while listening to music.
10. Kohl - Cant step out of my house without doing up my eyes. Makes me feel incomplete.
11. Priya - I'm happy, she has to be around. I'm sad, she has to. N she has always been :-)

These are the people or things which make me. I just cannot live without them. 


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