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If Only

If only I had done the things
That keep true love alive,
I wouldn’t have to acknowledge now
That our love cannot survive.

If only I had described to you
The joy you brought to me,
Instead of bringing you complaints,
You wouldn’t have set me free.

If I had touched you, kissed you,
Love,If I had loved you stronger,
If I had appreciated you,
We would have lasted longer.

If I had often said to you,
"It’s you whom I adore,"
Perhaps you’d still be with me now,
If I had told you more.

If only I had treated you
As if we were best friends,
I wouldn’t be alone in grief,
As our faded love finally ends.

If only I didn’t have to say,
"If only, my love, if only,
"I wouldn’t be all by myself
So sorry, sad and lonely.


  1. no one can bring d past "if" word dsnt exist..evn if it will alwaz be surrounded by "if"..:-)

  2. well.. I dint understand what ur trying to say here.!..

  3. cool den..:-(
    ..perhaps i shud work on my english..

  4. :)
    I can really understand what you meant by this and how you felt when you were writing this... This is called "Life"


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