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The "J" word

Well this is a word that all girls are familiar with n guys too to a certain extent. Jealousy. The green word n the deadliest of the seven sins. There will be no single person in the world who is/has not been jealous of something or someone. Why is it so? Is it a natural tendency to feel this way? Atleast for me it comes naturally. When I know I cant have something which I crave for n someone else does, I turn green. Well thats life. Jealousy as far as i know goes side by side with love. Its cute sometimes n sometimes it can become a pain in the wrong side. Jealousy is of many types.

1. If you go to a party n someone else is better dressed than you n you're jealous - Absolutey Normal. Obviously you wouldnt want anyone else to look better than you :-)
2. You are totally crazy about a guy n he asks your best friend for a date n you turn green - ( Thankful to never be in such a situation ) Absolutely Normal again. But dont show it off, you're happy for her are'nt you.
3. You like a dress which is overly expensive, n you cant afford it. The next thing you see is a girl walking away with it n you just want to go grab it from her - Normal.
4. You top the class n your friend who usually tops doesnt take it too well - Not good. Be happy for your friend, this doesnt make you any less good.
5. You are far more better looking or achieved more than your brother or sister or vice-versa - Feeling envious here would be madness. Hello, they are a part of your own blood n flesh.
6. Trying to gain attention from a guy/girl by sticking on to someone else - If you're hoping that he'd be jealous, its definitely not gonna happen. They may think that you're with that person n back out.
7. Trying to win your ex back by acting like you're dating someone else n screaming it out from the roof tops - This is nothing but absolute madness. If you think that seeing you with someone else will make them realise their love for you, it wont. They will only hate you cos they think that you moved on so quickly forgetting their love.
8. Being envious of your friend's success is so so so wrong. It would only mean that you were never their friend.
9. Being jealous of someone who own things you dont is fine. But being envious of someone close to you is so not happening.
10. Being jealous of cinestars is totally fine. Well they have the luxury that you dont right?

Well having said that, I'm insanely jealous of Angelina Jolie, well... she has Brad Pitt.


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