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Judaai ka tamasha

Well just as I returned from my depressing journey today morning, all i wanted was to laze around n watch some tv with a cup of piping hot coffee. While changing channels, I saw Sridevi smiling on ZEE tv. I am huge fan of hers. What an actress. Can never forget her in Sadma, Chaalbaaz and her yellow saree in Lamhe. An amazing actress. So i decided to watch this particular movie going on called "Judaai". One of the most crappiest n baseless movie I have ever seen. Staring Anil Kapoor and Urmila too. The script writer must have died of a panic attack after the movie released.

Here goes the story. Sridevi is a middle class housewife who dreams big. Anil kapoor is her husband who strives hard to meet his money-hungry wife's demands. Urmila yeah Urmila Matondkar indeed (God knows what was she thinking) is a rich spoilt girl who falls in love with Anil Kapoor. She is ready to goto any extents to get him. On learning that his wife is craving for wealth she strikes a deal with her. The deal...... If Sridevi allows her to marry Anil kapoor ( who is Sridevi's husband) she gives her 2 crores. N our middle class housewife looking to lead a luxurious life agress n sells.... yeah you read that right, sells her husband for 2 crores. I wouldnt give away the guy I love for the world. He is mine n only mine. This movie totally goes bonkers. It describes the most pavitra rishta or Marriage as a joke. What follows next is drama n competition to be the Biwi no 1. Crazy n pathetic are the words that describe this movie perfectly. 

The climax only got worse. The woman who paid 2 crores for a man, decides to leave him in the end to his first wife. Even though she is pregnant with his kid. Comeon Urmila you surely can do better than this. You are the one who gave us Ek hasina thi, Kaun, Pyaar tune kya kiya n Rangeela. Ya was that just Ramu ka karisma?? I dont know when this movie was released nor do I want to look up in IMDB. The bottom line is this movie sucks to no end. Sridevi is amazing as usual, but when the plot makes no sense so dont the actors. Anil Kapoor has never looked this henpecked before. N his chest hair.... Yikes made me wonder why was he wearing a black sweater under his shirts. Thank Slumdog millionaire for keeping him suited up.

Well, people who have totally lost it or have lotsa time to waste n go ahead n watch this.


  1. I remember seeing this movie...and kinda liked it...really dont mind being 'sold' to Urmila for '2 cr/free' ..he he(from a male perspective)

  2. To Urmila? Check her out in Karzzz.. You'll want to kill yourself after that :-).. N yeah, 2 crores for you is a huge amount. Maybe you need to shell out something for people to buy you.. :P


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