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Life is so unpredictable. N trust me not in a good way. The moment you think that life cannot get better or worse than this, the next day something much better or worse happens. Its crazy. Life is just like a roller coaster ride. God knows what twists n turns awaits you next. Its pathetic that all you can do is sit and watch helplessly. Its so frustrating at times. When you just see a tiny ray of hope its just crashed. Its said that life is like a drama stage, n we are the characters in it. If so, where are the audience? Who are the people that are enjoying the fun? Who are the ones clapping in our joy n crying in our pain?

Never have I felt so helpless. Everything seems to be slipping off my hands, n all I can do is watch it going away. It would have been so nice if we could control life. Is there anyone in the world whose life has moved in the exact way as they intended it to? Why are "If's" and "But's" always a part of life? When will a day come when we will be completely satisfied with life? When will things go according to how we want it to go?

Its so frustrating to live without knowing what is gonna happen to you the next day. Look at this, I always thought that I'll be blogging on my laptop, but today I'm using my phone to blog. I'm stuck in such a hapless situation that everyone seems to be rushing ahead of me, while I'm still stuck where I was a year ago. There is always a hope that things will get better. But you cant live your entire life just hoping things to get better can you? My Orkut status says "Hope may not guarantee us a better future, but it surely does reduce the pains of today". Well then lets just hope things get better. Fingers Crossed :-(


  1. hey cumon..had d life been predictable and cnto'lble,do u think v wud hv njoyed it?juzz njoy it's tiny delights!!!n u dun evn hv rights to b passimistic..u hv suffered frm d worst n managed it preety nvr regret..take a step forward..!!well enough "gyaan" frm a stranger!!!gud nit..:-)

  2. @stranger... u dont know what i have been thru so u better not comment on it... congrats on starting your own blog though..!

  3. All that I ever wanted to say in my life, about life....
    Here it is:-)

  4. yeah Aru, this is the bond we share :-)

  5. I have an interesting titbit about the orgins of 'life is drama' part...its too long for this comment...remind me tomo

  6. Its my life :) Bonjovi

    It's my life
    It's now or never
    I ain't gonna live forever
    I just wanna live while I'm alive

    (It's my life)
    My heart is like an open highway
    Like Frankie said, "I did it my way"
    I just wanna live while I'm alive
    'Cause it's my life


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