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Music mania

I have always been a great fan of music. Romance n hip hop being my favourites. I still remember being obsessed with "Erase & Rewind" by the Cardigans. I used to play it on a loop the entire day, which eventually spoilt my friends ipod. Well... :-). He still is a great friend n introduces me to songs I have never heard before. N I'll just fall in love with it then n there. Donna lewis's "I love you always for ever, near or far closer together, everywhere I will be with you, Everything I will do for you", drove me crazy. Probably one of the most romantic songs I've ever heard. Same goes with "Love Fool", again by the Cardigans. Rascal Flatts's "What hurts the most", is simply amazing. Oh man... I can go on n on with this. This will be a never ending list.

Well the whole purpose of this post is to declare that now I'm officially addicted to hindi music. Its not that I dont like bollywood music. Somewhere, here n there I liked a song or two. I was obsessed with the title track of Pyar Tune Kya Kiya for quite a while. Nowadays when I actually sit down n listen to the songs I have on my phone, I feel amazed. Some of these songs are age old, but I just love listening to them now. Some of them I have actually heard, but not listened. Now when I do, I actually realise that bollywood music is not all that bad.

Honestly the primary reason for me trying bollywood music was Farhan Akhtar. God..!! He's so hot. I actually went to watch him in Rock on!!, n I loved the unconventional music it had. The song "Ye Tumari Meri Baatein" gives me goose bumps till today. So does "Tum Ho Toh". There are a lot of songs which may not be latest but are amazing. Here are a few:-

Tere naina - Chandni Chowk To China, had never heard of it before until someone mentioned that its his favourite song, I love it too now.
Jaane tu meri kya hai - Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na, seen the movie but couldnt recall this song, wonder if its actually a part of the movie or not??
Baawari piya ki - Baabul, cant believe that anything that has to do with Rani Mukerji can be good.
Dekha jo tumko - Kasoor, this song saves the movie.
Oh re piya - Aaja Nachle, this song had nothing to do with the movie :P
Tu Jahan - Salaam Namaste, sonu at his best.
Chhodo na muje yu bekaraar sa - Rules, I actually saw this movie :(
Tu bin bataye - Rang De basanti, cutest song.
Bol na halke halke - Jhoom Barabar Jhoom, this song is only the saving grace of the movie.
Tumse hi - Jab We Met, a near perfect love song.
U me aur hum - U me aur hum, the love song which makes complete sense.
Aate jaate haste gaate - Maine Pyar Kiya, nice one this one.
Tu hi toh mera dost hai - Yuvvraaj, I hope I have spelt the movie right.
Khabar nahi - Dostana, man oh man... john rocked this one!
Bakhuda tumhi ho - Kismat Konnection, again cant believe that anything to do with Vidya Balan can be good.
Hey Shona - Tara Rum Pum, it sounds good only if your boyfriend calls/called you shona.

Well i'm sure there are many more, but I just am playing these on a loop now. When i get more there will be a new post :-)


  1. area..!!!
    try dis
    1.sun zara..adnan sami..lucky
    3.mohabaatein lutaunga...abhijeet sawant
    4.mere haath me..fanna
    5.javeda tose naina..anwar
    6.maan ki lagan..paap maangi khuda se..i forgot d film..:-(
    9.humko sirf tumse pyar hai--barsaat
    10.ek ladki ko dekha to--1942,a luv story
    11.baatein kuch ankahi si--metro
    12.tere bina--guru
    13.tu hi meri shab hai--gangstar
    n d list goes on..also u might hv heard MLTR..specifically try the actor,and strange foregien beauty!!(though all songs r nis..)

  2. tried all... but none as good as my list...


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