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I am in love...!! Yeah, I am completely in love with the zoozoo's. They are so adorable. The first time I saw it I thought they were animated characters. Its so hard to believe that they are actually humans dressed in zoozoo suits. Each n every ad is etched to perfection. My personal favourite is the exam results one. Even the fashion tips n keep your mobile in silent is great. Actually speaking every single one is great. The person behind them is a genius, n I'm proud that he's a Bangalorean. Well actually I'm even more proud that he's a mallu. Well live long zoozoo..!


  1. hmmm smells like brand promotion here on the blogosphere:-)
    btw which account r u in?

  2. Yeah brand promotion indeed... I kinda represent the brand now u know.. Long live vodafone (UK)... :D

  3. i really enjoy reading ur blog...
    it's really nice...
    u can download more zoozoo wallpapers from my blog

  4. you need to appreciate Prakash Varma for his true creativity who gave birth to this character..

  5. I swear.. Pat on the back for him! :)


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