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Angels & Demons

Just saw the movie. It was okay. The novel is way better. The movie incorporates a lot of new twists n turns, but nothing can beat the amazing novel. The ambigrams are not given enough importance. When I read the book I couldnt stop myself from going back n forth n looking at them. I used to turn the book around like a million times to see it. It had me go "Wow" every single time. In the movie they just show a shot of each sign. The fifth brand doesnt match the one in the book at all. It was supposed to be a diamond shaped one which holds all the other signs. Ewan McGregor looks amazing n the actress who plays Dr. Vittoria bears a stricking resemblence to domestic godess Nigella Lawson. Tom Hanks is good but looks really really old. All a all a movie worth the money. But not to watch it having high expectations. The book stands all against the movie.