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I'm so bored with life. Why are'nt any good movies releasing. With India out of the world cup, there is nothing much to look forward to. Being a person who loves to roam around, I'm running out of places here. Movies... I miss watching them in theatre. At home, I can watch anything anytime. Thats the best point of having best friends like Mr. A, who has a collection of movies larger than the oscar library :-), n I have a miniature version of it too :-). Angels & Demons was the last I saw. N bollywood?? Holy moly..... The last I saw was Ghajini. Both sucked. Badly waiting for Terminator salvation. Christian Bale....... Wow..!! After Dark Knight, I'm waiting to watch him take macho man Arnold's place. Another movie I'm waiting to watch is Newyork. For obvious reasons... :P.. I just love that song "Hai Junoon". Katrina has never looked that good before. Loved her costume. Well have a whole list of movies to look out for. Love aaj Kal n Kaminey seem interesting. I very badly want to watch Bride Wars. But no one to join me :-(. Chick Flicks n all the guys can only say one thing... "NO".. Damn it..!! Now that the multiplex war is over, lets hope to see some really great movies..


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