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Colors of Life

I feel blue,
When I try to forget the fact that I miss you..
I know you are not around anymore and
My heart actually aches for you..

I feel green,
When I sleep and dont see you in my dream..
The thought of you with someone else,
Creeps me and only makes me scream..

I feel yellow,
Without you I'm so confused, hazy but mellow..
What I felt for you, can never be felt again,
No, not even for the best fellow..

I feel red,
With the thought that you're with someone else instead..
Be it morning, noon or night,
Its only your thoughts in my head..

I feel lime,
When the days we spent together comes into my mind..
You were so caring, so amazing,
So wonderful, so understanding and kind..

I feel white,
All I want now is for you to hold me tight..
I dont know what it was about you,
But you always made life seem bright..

I feel brown,
You only made me smile n never frown..
You were the king of my life and,
You were the jewel in my crown..

I feel pink,
Cant believe its over, our connection and our link..
The moments we shared, the times we laughed,
Oh! Why did we ever let our relationship sink..

I feel gray,
When I know I have a will, but no way..
And now that you're gone,
There is noone to make my day..

I feel gold,
When you were always there for me to hold..
The way you said I Love You was
Something I never got tired of being told..

I feel black,
When I think of the things I lack..
You being the one and only one,
I cant help but want you back..


  1. Terrific piece! Simply loved it.

    I feel proud
    That I have such an amazing poetess as my friend
    Your words express feelings
    In a way that no one else can

    Thank god,I cant see you laugh:-)


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