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Heaven through Hell - My journey with IBM

First of all, Congrats to me. Its been a year since I started working. A successful, eventful year. Exactly a year ago, this time I was in Chennai staring into strange faces.First day started of well, with a grand welcome in Le Royal Meridian. With no friends around, I was in a strange city. Not any city, but a city like Chennai. Me being a metropolitan, Bangalore bred girl, I found it really hard to cope up. Not only that, I was away from my family, boyfriend n friends. I thought "Well, this is it. This is what hell looks like". After having lost a lot of things, including the love of my life, I came back to Bangalore. This was hell for me.

Still with the hope of starting a good career I put up with everything. I met great people in the company. I got to learn things which I hadn't learnt for 4 years in college. IBM has given me many things. Great friends to begin with. Respect, It gives me so much pleasure to watch my dad tell relatives that his small little daughter is actually working in a big company. The most important thing this company has given me is financial stability. I'm no longer the girl who used to run to daddy for every small need. I can have anything I want whenever I want. Life seemed much better.

My project, the one for which I had given my heart n soul, got scrapped. That was it. I lost it, hell seemed to be back. But just 2 days later I was called for a project n the next day I was in :-). Undoubtedly the best project I could have ever asked for. I finally got to show my potential. It was amazing. I had superb friends around me n my project also boasts of the hottest girls..!! No showing off here :P. Everyday I wake up n am eager to come to work. But Mondays you kinda have a hangover of the weekend, so its pardonable. My company has given me a lot. I have given it a lot too. Had to toil day in n day out sometimes. Codes which refuse to compile without errors, deadlines to be met, millions of documents to be made. I lose it everytime I see a word document or an excel sheet. But at the end of the day when I see my work completed in front of me, I cant help but feel proud. I am contributing something to the company. The company which gave birth to the professional me, the company which has taught me so much, the company which has given me so many good friends, the company which has given me my own recognition. I am proud to be a part of IBM, n now I can safely say that I'm in the best phase of life n this is nothing less than heaven :-).

Congrats to all my team mates who joined with me. Congrats to me. Its true that there is always a light at the end of a tunnel. I finally found heaven, through hell. So what? I still found it..


  1. yeah baby :D the light at the end of the tunnel better not be a train!!
    good one!! n congrats to all of us!

  2. yeah.. the light is surely not a train this time :D

  3. Aha! You work with IBM too :)

  4. too?? u mean u work with IBM too?

  5. Yes ma'am ! I work with IBM :) And I also realize you and runawaykirik are friends..
    Small world!

  6. Yeah really small world... What do I say? IBMers make really good bloggers :D


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