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Weight Issues

Okay... So I'm not very happy these days. I have lost oodles of weight. Not that I was Hercules before. I was already lean, n losing weight inspite of that is making me look size 0. I knew if you were not happy you would lose weight. I just dint realise that I was this unhappy. Within a span of 3 weeks I lost more than 10% of my weight. The past few days have been very stressful n trying for me. Infact this whole month seems to be jinxed. Its fine that nothing good happened, but why should bad things happen. My parents are worried big time. I seem to be losing weight by the second. Many people strive hard for months to knock a kilo off. N a person who needs kilos is knocking them off like crazy. I've had enough. I'm on a serious weight put on mission now. After years, I'm actually having breakfast regularly n atleast 5 meals a day. Coffee is totally off ( I cant believe I actually quit ), pastries n muffins are in. Healthy meals actually make me feel really good. Right amount of fruits, vegetables, meat, eggs.... what not. My mom stuffs my bag with everything possible. As they say in my team, if anyone is hungry just reach out for Soumya's bag. I hardly ever check the contents of my big bag so one day I was surprised when I found an apple sprouting out, or a mashed banana stuck to my wallet. Not a pleasant sight trust me. But Moms.... They just love feeding us. Office is no less too. My desk is usually stuffed with chocolates ( from a dutiful friend, who gets a kick out of feeding me chocolates ;-) ). Its all eat, eat n eat signs from all sides. Okay okay time to oblige. So from now on I'm on a fat-full diet. Regular meals at regular times, 8 hours of sleep n great friends to keep me cheered... I need to get back to my normal self in a month. Thats the hope ;-)