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Come Back

When did this happen,
What did I do?
I was so lively,
What did you turn me into?
What have i done,
Why do you make my heart bleed?
Why don't you understand,
You're all that I need.
I see nothing,
Nor can I feel anything
I don't know,
What you want to say
These mixed feelings,
Are killing me everyday.
Why am I lonely,
why do I cry?
Why cant I move on,
Why cant I try?
You left me,
With a void in my life
You could have as well as,
Pierced me with a knife.
Hurt you are,
That I know
Comeback to me,
My love I'll show..
You are incomplete
And so am I,
I love you
I don't deny
Then why go through this,
Agony and pain
Please honey, now
Don't drive me insane
You're my true love,
My sunshine and my soul
Without you in my life
I can never be whole.
Lets put our broken hearts
Together forever
We'll stay happy and
Part we'll never
So stop hurting yourself
And come back to me
We'll show the world,
What true love can be..


  1. Powerful stuff!
    Such a heart tugging piece can come only from the heart,not from the head:-)

  2. yeah.. i cant try writing from something i dont have right? :P

    this one straight from the heart..!! Never wanted something this badly :(


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