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Its high time I made a few confessions to the people in my life. Names are not mentioned in order to protect their identity and also to prevent them from belting me. Some are good, some are bad. But all are true. So here we go. Each confession is for a different person.

1. You are the best girl I have ever met, explains why you are my best friend.
2. I just love the way you are.
3. You are the most craziest thing that has ever happened to me.
4. You are without a doubt the most genuine person I have ever met.
5. You have the worst dressing sense in the whole wide world and no, you are not hot either.
6. You are nothing but a goddamned loser.
7. You're lucky that you look good, because the moment you open your mouth I feel like stuffing it with my shoe.
8. You are the most boring person ever. Even a dead body would be cheerful compared to you.
9. You are one of my best friends, but I sincerely hope that you were a better human being too.
10. You are too sweet to understand things around you. I wish people would stop taking advantage of you.
11. You need to have an ambition in life dude. Life is'nt that easy going too.
12. You need to know when to stop talking. Just see the faces of the people around you. That may help.
13. If there is one person I could kill and get away with, it would surely be you.
14. I hate you, you sly, manipulative b***h.
15. You are the most ugliest creation of God.
16. You are too good to be burdened by your past. Let it go dear. You deserve something much better.
17. I shall always be with you.
18. I can never feel and love anyone the way I felt for you and loved you.
19. I know you love me a lot, but I'm sorry I just cant feel a thing for you.
20. You think you are God's gift to womanhood. I've got a message for you dude, you definitely are not.
21. You look very much like the ET in the movie ET. Unfortunately not in a very good way.
22. You are the perfect example of the worlds best things come in small packages.
23. I just love fighting with you. No hard feelings, its simply fun.
24. You and your family deserve to be buried alive. One thing I would not feel bad for.
25. I cant believe marriage can change anyone so much that you forget your friends and relatives.
26. Stop living off your dad's money.
27. We are related, so stop hitting on me.
28. You are not royalty, so stop expecting to be treated like one.
29. You look really amazing after your weight loss. I'm proud of you.
30. You are a very proud and irritating woman. I hate to be your friend.
31. You betrayed me when I banked upon you. You deserve to have a painful death.
32. You are really pretty.
33. You are my best critic.
34. You are the reason why woman are considered the weaker sex.
35. I hate you.
36. You struck gold big time. You dont deserve it though.
37. Your husband looks much better than you. I pity him.
38. May you have a great life ahead.
39. You will always be a part of my prayers.
40. You were too young to get married. Worse, you were too young to become a mother.
41. You are fat and ugly. Noone even looks at you. Stop flattering yourself. And no, your neighbour doesnt have a crush on you.
42. If there was an award for the worst status messages, you would win hands down.

Thats all the people I can remember at the moment. If more, there will be another post.


  1. Well,this is an interesting brain workout...:-)

  2. I liked this one the most --
    34. You are the reason why woman are considered the weaker sex

    A very nice post :) Totally my type of writing :)

  3. yeah Aru, keep guessing which one you are.. :D

  4. thanks indira :), that one was my favourite too...

  5. yeah yeah...still decoding...God!U could hav made it so much more simpler and less time consuming by saying "Handsome stud with brains to match";-)
    btw,Is 34 a guy;-)

  6. 'weaker' as in going 'weak' in the knees...:-)

  7. Yeah Aru, you cant expect me to lie on my own blog.!! If ever there was a "Handsome stud with brains to match" in real life, life would have been so simple.. Sighh!! BTW, 34 is not a guy, cammon.. I thought u were smart!!

  8. hmmm... that way. still no, this is most definitely a girl, would not like to call her that though.. she's a push over.

  9. roflmao i guessed who a LOT of people r :)
    n thanx girl im flattered ;) n i think the same goes for u too!!


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