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The Gay Debate

We cannot legalise unnatural things. Thats what the Kerala Government says about legalising homosexuality. Its just a matter of saying that we are in the 21st century. Because more than 60% of our country's population is still living in the 18th century. How can love be unnatural? Whatever the sexes are, its love after all. Why dont these people get that. The government just needs a tiny thing to make a drama about. Its just a matter of ones choice. We live in a democratic country, and everyone has the right to take their own decision. No one can stop anyone from that. Categorising them only makes it worse. The government is not going to lose anything by legalising the act. When marriages are legal why cant gay marriages be too? The whole concept of marriage is celebrating the love of two people by uniting them forever. Why isnt this the norm when homosexuals decide to get married to celebrate their love? What so ever happened to the "Everyone is equal" slogan they shouted out from the roof tops. I guess this only applied when our beloved Dr. Ambedkar was around.

One more thing I dont understand is that why are homosexuals and transsexuals being put in the same category. Is'nt one well educated enough to actually understand this? The whole concept is being blown out of proportion. Every one has a right to love, whomever they want. Irrespective of caste, sex or creed. The government has no right to put a bar on this. Stating population implosion as an excuse is equally pathetic. India is well enough crowded already. "We two, ours two" has already been changed to "We too, ours one". Yet the government states this as one of the reasons. Speaking about contradiction..!!

Homosexuals have the most wonderful opportunity to adopt a child and create a family. Millions of orphans will get a home. But when the same sex marriages are not being legalised, let alone legalising adoption by them. I dont know what these people are thinking. I can only say that it will take long, really long for our country to equal the western countries.


  1. nice to see socially relevant issues on ur blog:-)Child adoption is a gr8 concept...i never thought of it that way...But Child adoption laws are so archaic...that only a 'man n woman' can adopt a child,and that needs to be changed too...
    Yeah ,we as a country have a long way to go...(the very fact that u couldnt find a companion to watch 'Milk'at the Cinema..says volumes itself:-)

    Just for laughs....Anti Gay protester holding a placard saying "God created Adam and Eve,not Adam and Steve"...:-)

  2. yeah trying to be open to all topics... N that was pretty rude, that placard thingie.. I'm sure Eve will be rolling in her grave now..!!

  3. loosen up a bit...what happened to ur sense of humour

  4. u know I dont like humour when it comes to sensitive issues..


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