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I was shopping at "Health and Glow" yesterday when a lady just approached me and snatched away the shampoo I was holding. I was taken aback. She was not a sales girl there nor a kleptomaniac. She was any regular customer like me. She then says "This shampoo is not good, try this one". Hellooooo... Who the hell are you was all I wanted to ask. The universe knows how obsessed I'm with my hair and would not change the products I use on it for a million bucks. Anyway, I'm not such a rude person, so I just smiled and told her that I've been using this since 10 years so its fine. She said a hmmmph.!! and walked away. Whats with the interfering I say??

I'm a very open person. People who are close to me are aware of everything thats happening in my life. But when some random person comes and tries to interfere I lose my cool. Some people are just born to poke their stinky noses into everyones business. Whats happening? Why you buying that? Why are you so moody? Why did you breakup with him? Why do you eat that? Blah blah blah... Some people just want to know everything thats happening in everyone else's life except theirs. Its so annoying. Okay, even if they get to know it they are not at peace. They have got to pass their judgement and make make a big issue of it. I'm running out of polite ways to tell people to mind their own business. I don't think even Pinocchio would have been this interfering.

Sometimes, people interfere because they think it is okay and have the rights to do so because they are your friends, but if you let them know that you are not comfortable with it, they may leave you alone. May... Still there is a possibility that they will continue to do so. Some people say that they interfere in my life because they love me and care for me. I say "What the F***". If I want an opinion on something, I'll ask for it. No need to go on distributing it for free. There are people who think that they're doing me good by interfering with my life - directly or indirectly. there are others who simply want to interfere, just for the heck of it. No matter how I try to be optimistic about it, it all boils down to the fact that they simply want to mess up with my life by causing me pains and troubles. There is always a remember what happened last time, so don't get into it again story. It's as if they rejoice in the misery and are thrilled that they have achieved something. There's no easy way to handle these people or their attitude. You can tell them a million times to F**** off and mind their own business but still they keep swarming around you.

Physics claims to have two types of interference, Constructive and Destructive. This kind of interference can only be noted as destructive. I have these really annoying set of Aunts who have to pass their judgement on each and everything. Why do you wear this? Why do you leave your hair, tie it up. Is she married? Is he a businessman? n so on.. Knowing a person and interfering in a persons life are two different things which are not even linked remotely. People need to know that. Respect a persons privacy, if there is something that has to be communicated, it will be done. Is this that hard to understand? There will not be a single person in this world who has not had a person interfering in their life. If there is any way to get rid of them do let me know.