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Everyone is on this earth for a reason. Well now I am more or less sure that God put me on earth to witness all the weird sights of the world. Trust me, its true. The sights I have seen since the past two months are so weird and strange that they compel me take a second look. And it only seems to get worse with each passing day. Well, here are some of them.

  • I saw the traffic signal showing both red and green at the same time :-)
  • A lady cleaner and a male cleaner trying to makeout in the office pantry. Gross gross gross..!!! :/
  • A girl wearing cargos teamed with a salwaar kameez top. Long one mind you..! I'd rather die that do something like that.
  • A guy riding a bike wearing sun glasses. Whats so weird you ask? It was 11 pm.
  • A lady riding a scooty wearing a nightie. Both her legs were touching the ground and.... no no I cant continue. Doesnt the name tell it all? Nightie= night gown. Some people never learn.
  • A guy sitting on the roof of an underconstruction building near Mekhri circle for no apparant reason. Everyday he's there. Doing nothing, staring into blank space.
  • Vidya Balan in the top 50 hottest women list.
I'm sure there are more to follow. Why me god? Why me?