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I just want to feel,
The way you loved me
You in my arms.
The place you wanted to be.
I'd do anything to feel your touch,
Your hands on my hip
And your breath,
On my lip.
If only, we could
Go back to those days,
The times we spent together,
I'm sure you remember.
The crazy days,
And splendid nights
Our cute mockings
And the silly fights.
I feel you still
And I always will
You're all around me
I know you can see.
Am I a fool
Or plain insane,
Sometimes I fell
All I do is in vain.
Had heard that
Love hurts,
Never believed it
Until I felt it.
I want you,
To be happy and sad never
Cos no matter what I say,
Thats the only thing
Thats gonna keep me going forever.