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For the first time ever in my life, I'm feeling free. From the past year or so I have been carrying a bundle of burden on my head. Today, suddenly it feels like its no longer there. I have made umpteen number of mistakes in the past and I have realised it. I have changed myself into a person who will never ever commit those mistakes again. I can look up proudly and say, Yes, I was responsible for that and I do regret that. Accepting your mistakes will never make you feel small or guilty. Yes it may make you feel guilty at first, but you need to be strong enough to look beyond that guilt. I did that. Once you realise where you had gone wrong, trust me you will never ever make that mistake again. Its rightly said that "You learn from your mistakes". Even though I did not believe it before, I do believe it blindly now. Everything happens for a reason, and your mistakes are the reason why you are a better person today.

Life doesn't give everyone a second chance. When it does, make sure you take the right path. Optimism helps. Take things positively and you'll never be on the verge of making a mistake again. Learn from your mistakes and adapt yourself to the change. I did. And I couldn't be more happier. I have realised a lot of things for quite sometime now. I took it positively and now there is a 100% possibility that I would never go wrong again. At least in those regards. Now I know what freedom means. A big burden is off my head. Now, I can go ahead and lead a simple peaceful life.

I would say that mistakes sometimes form the building blocks of life. You get to learn a lot from them at every stage. Its also true that you will never realise a few things until it happens to you. Every single person in my life warned me against one thing. But I paid no attention to them and went ahead. It had not happened to me until then, so I thought it never will. I was naive or foolish, I still have to figure that out. I lost everything in the bargain. And when it struck me, it struck me so hard that it left me completely shattered. But I dint give up. The thoughts of everyone in my life sprang up at once. Why dint I listen to those people. They adviced me because they loved me and want only good for me. I did not bother to listen to them. That's why I ended up getting hurt and hurting them too. I did lose a lot of things, that I cant get back I know. But now I'm happy and sure that I will never lose anything again.

Now, that I have realised my mistake, I would never go back to that road again. I had had to know where to draw the line. Now I do. If this had not happened to me, maybe I wouldn't have ever realised it. I guess, this is Gods way of teaching us. I had read this book called "Five people you meet in heaven" some time ago (thanks Aru for that :-). According to it, every person in your life is here to teach you something. Even though you may not realise it, they are just present in your life to teach you something. It may be good or bad, but at the end of the day you realise something. The most important of the five people you meet in heaven. Now I'm pretty much sure of the 3 people I will.

Having said that, freedom makes you feel super content. Happy or not, again is debatable. Everyone should atleast once a day, sit down all alone and think of the mistakes committed by them. Accept your mistakes and come up with solutions as to how to rectify them. Once, you've done that, you'll feel so light. I did and I couldn't feel more free. Very few incidents in life change you as a person. Pick the right one and you've struck gold. Thanks to all the people in my life who helped me realise a lot of things and contributed in making me a better person.