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I, Me, Myself

What do we live for? Money, children, parents, or for the one you love. Does anyone live for him/herself? Does anyone ever think that I'm doing this for my happiness and live the rest of their lives. I donno what it feels like. I guess first you need to be in love with yourself, and then think of the world. It doesn't mean that you need to be a narcissist and be obsessed about yourself. Just live for yourself. Atleast that will reduce the chances of you getting hurt, if not anything else.

The more you bank on people, the more are the chances of getting betrayed. Why base on your life on something or someone else. They call it "The Centre of Being". Thats whats you live for and thats what makes you want to live. Never ever base that on a person. It hurts to no end. I mean you came into this world alone and now why do you want to base your entire life for someone. Just don't depend on anyone for making you happy. Try to find happiness within yourself and you have the best life on earth.

I may be sounding silly here, honestly I don't know what or why am I writing this. I'm either plain bored or plain crazy. Just imagine, you are waiting for your friends to go out somewhere n have fun. They turn down the last minute and you feel pathetic about it. Thats what we don't need in our lives. There are simple things that happen right in front of us everyday and we fail to realise it. All we do is crib or cry about it. Yes, friends and people are important in life. But don't make anyone seem so important that without them you feel like a total loser. I've learnt it the hard way.

Get some "ME" time regularly. Focus on your thoughts. Go out for a walk all by yourself or snuggle up with a book at home. God knows if your gonna have this again or not. Loneliness is pathetic I know, but sometimes it therapeutic. You realise a lot of things. You can mend all the lose ends of your life once you find them. Do you feel happy when you look at yourself in the mirror? You should. God made you for a reason and the very truth that you have survived until now is enough for you to survive further. Just live for yourself people. Yeah, you need someone to make you happy at times but don't depend on it forever. Keep yourself happy and contented. Pamper yourself once in a while. It may be as simple as getting a haircut or a massage. Just make sure you do everything to keep yourself happy.

Find the Centre of Being within yourself. And trust me life will get golden then.