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Last week I had two major realisations. One, every single thing on earth is special. Two, humans are the worst species in the world. I read 'Nineteen Minutes' by Jodi Picoult. I judge a book and a movie by what effect it leaves on your mind after its completion. This one makes you think a hell lot. Its not a very well heard of book, so here's how it goes. In the first chapter of the book a guy who is 17 walks into his school and shoots down 10 of his mates and injures 19 others. The entire fiasco last for nineteen minutes and hence the title. Why he did it forms the rest of the story. Totally worth the 600 pages it had. Next, I saw a pretty old movie "The Elephant Man". Without a doubt this is the first movie I'd want to show to my kids when they come to their senses. Apart from me I just know one person who has seen this movie since its pretty old and I'm sure that its never been heard before in India. Its about a guy whose mother was trampled to death by

Bloody Boring

'Kurbaan', was awaiting this damn movie from God knows how long. So me and my friend decided to watch it after office. With great difficulty, we got the tickets on the first day and hurried to the theatre escaping from office. You know that a movie is not good when you start noticing only the clothes and makeup. This is exactly what happened to me with Kurbaan. The movie starts off in a Delhi college, where Avantika and Ehsaan, played by Kareena and Saif respectively are professors. They meet, go out for coffee, fall in love and are married within the first 20 minutes of the movie. They makeout in every place possible. The streets, cabs and believe it or not in the staff room. I mean if professors had so much fun, I wouldn't mind being one :P. After their wedding, the movie shifts to NewYork where they start working as professors in NewYork University. Thankfully they are not making out in the staffrooms of NYU. Kareena teaches Psychology. Now that psychology teachers are s

Life Still Has A Meaning

If there is a future There is also a time for mending, Time to see the troubles Coming to an ending. Life is never hopeless However great the sorrow, If you're looking forward You will have a new tomorrow. If there is time for wishing Then there is time for hoping, When through doubt and darkness You are blindly groping. Though the heart be heavy Hurt you may be feeling, If there is time for praying There is also time for healing. So if through your window There is a new day breaking, Thank God for the promise, Though mind and soul be aching. If with harvest over There is grain enough for gleaning, There is a new tomorrow and Life still has a meaning.


If you want your dreams to come true, don't oversleep. The smallest good deed is better than the grandest intention. Of all the things you wear, your expression is the most important. The best vitamin for making friends....B1. The 10 commandments are not multiple choice. The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts. Minds are like parachutes.. .they function only when open. Ideas won't work unless YOU do. One thing you can't recycle is wasted time. One who lacks the courage to start has already finished. The heaviest thing to carry is a grudge. Don't learn safety rules by accident. We lie the loudest when we lie to ourselves. Jumping to conclusions can be bad exercise. A turtle makes progress when it sticks its head out. One thing you can give and still your word. A friend walks in when everyone else walks out. AND FINALLY... The pursuit of happiness is the chase of a lifetime!!!

Back with A Box of Kisses

Today has been an eventful day in my life. So eventful that I had to give up my break and return to what I love doing most. Talking and blogging. Today, various events have occured in various places at various time. But they only had one impact on me. They helped me realise a lot and have helped me grow. Life is a learning lesson and I have now come to believe that whatever happens, happens for a reason and happens for good. I'm gonna live by it now. Some people die long before their heart stops functioning. I dont want to be one among them. Nothings happens by itself, you need to make it happen. As my manager says, "You are your own driving force".! The reason why today was kinda special was due to the below story. I had a discussion about it with a friend and it just made me feel really nice. The story goes that some time ago, a man punished his 3-year-old daughter for wasting a roll of gold wrapping paper. Money was tight and he became infuriated when the child tried t

Will be BACK

Just when I thought that things were getting better, Life decides to take a sharp 'U' turn. Things have got more messier (if that was possible), and I'm the only one who is solely responsible for it. Its just that as the dates approach 18th, somethings breaks within me. I can feel the sharp sting inside and I just lose my mind. Its during this time that my attempts at damage control gets more worse than the damage itself. I've not been in a very clear state of mind since last week. My vacation has been cancelled, I'm loaded with work until March and I was down with food poisoning since 2 days, which has left me all weak and emaciated. I had to skip work for 2 days, to get some good rest. My parents couldn't get an off and I was left all alone at home. I couldn't surf the net because I was not supposed to strain my eyes, I couldn't read (same reason again). All I could do was lie down and think. And that's what I did. Just when I was thinking about ev


Gandhiji said, "Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes". I totally agree with it. Just one clause, You make a mistake, accept it. Don't try to cover it up. A person who makes a mistake, accepts that what he/she has done is wrong, genuinely regrets and asks for forgiveness, deserves to be forgiven. Its takes great guts for a person to accept their own mistakes. After all you have to live with it for the rest of your life. You learn from your mistakes true. But its also true that until it happens to you, you wont realise that its a mistake. Life teaches you a million lessons and most of these come from experience. My funda is simple. 'Always accept your mistakes before someone else goes out and exaggerates them'. There wouldn't be a single person out there who has not committed any mistake. Ohh comeon its been an age old fact that 'To err is human'. Aren't we all. Every learning lesson in life evolves from a m

Finally Something Good

Its November and finally this year is turning out to be a tad better. I hope these two months ahead compensate for the ten past ones. Anyways the reason I said that this year is getting better is that from the start of this month, good things are happening. Yeah finally!! Phew, how much I've waited for the year to get better. Work is great, realisations dawned, realised the importance of few people in life, shunned out a lot of unwanted people, finally figured out what I want in life, celebrated the success of my weight put on mission, won a contest at blogger town, going on a holiday and now, one of my best friends is getting married.!!! Yay ! I'm so damned happy. She deserves a lot of happiness and I'm sure she will get it. Congrats Girl.!! I hope this improvement in life continues. Keeping fingers crossed.!!

Thanks :-)

I'm supremely happy these days. My blogs are being appreciated on a national forum. My post won the contest on the first month itself. I just received my gift at home and loved it. I even got a certificate and a virtual trophy that I have already displayed. My posts reflect my life, my happiness and sorrows and my daily life. I'm very honest on my posts and write from my experience and straight from my heart. I'm not a poetess but all my poems have been appreciated so much by bloggers all over the country. I never thought that my blog will be such a hit. I feel so humbled and touched. I write about regular stuff and that seems to be the USP of my blog. I'd like to thank all my followers and friends and each and every soul in my life. Writing was just a habit before, considering the fact that I've documented my life since I was 16 in a diary. Now its a passion and a new obsession. Just penning down my thoughts make me feel so good. My life is out there on my blog. No

Brain Power

An interesting article in the paper today. "Women like Nerds", it said. Although not entirely true I'd not disagree on it. I wouldn't prefer calling them nerds. That sounds very geeky. "Smart and Intellectual" sounds much better. Yes, women definitely find such men better when compared to hot and sexy poster boys. Hot and sexy + Smart and intellectual = Jackpot. If you've found such a guy then stick on girl!! Never let him go. So the whole article was about how these men who are old and nerdy attract young attractive women. Personally, I would surely prefer a learned man than a hot dumb one. See its not like good looking guys are always dumb. There are a few smart ones, but no matter how smart they are they will be narcissists. They have this air about them that they can rule the world and can have any woman by their side. Such guys are a strict no no for me. Any guy who can keep me engaged in a conversation is a big hit with me. You need to have a partn


'Exorcist', 'The Exorcism of Emily Rose', both these movies dint scare me as much as '2012' did today. This was one movie which I was waiting for months. The movie is superb, except that it scared the hell outa me. When the ancient Mayan calender went missing after December 21st 2012 everyone said that thats the day the world would end. I just hope that the calender just went missing or someone forgot to fill it in. Because if the world is gonna end as its been shown in the movie, I'd rather die a day earlier and that would be less painful. I was kinda hoping that it would be better if the world ends, cos that would mean the end of all the problems and miseries. Not only mine but of the entire world. I know that was very pessimistic of me, but that seemed to be the best solution and I'm sure most of you all will agree with me. But now I think otherwise. The end shown in that movie is more brutal and painful than anything anyone would have experienced. Jo


I got this virtual trophy when I won a contest at blogger town. So here I display it proudly. Oh man, today seems to be a really nice day. :-)

About a BOY

My best post till date. A bit too long, but after 3 editing sessions the max I could bring down was to 76 lines. This one's for the love of my life. On a fateful day, In April was his birth A sweet simple guy, Who is very down to Earth. Sometimes naive, Something naughty, Wherever he goes there is Sure to be a party. His smile is enough, To light up my life I dream to be with him, To be his wife. His voice is something That captures my heart, He is the only one, I want close and never apart. His lovelorn eyes, Its all mine, every bit I want to reach for them, Cos it has my name all over it. Every time I see him, My heart skips a beat His heart is the place, Where I want a seat. His gentle touch, Always gives me goose bumps Without him around, Life seems to be in the dumps. His arms were the place, Where I felt warmth and care, Now, I could do anything, To get back there. His heart is so pure, His love so true, There can be noone like him, No, Not even a few. Whether he's near

Kismat se Tum

I shed a tear for almost every love song. But this one had me bawling over. Sonu and Kavita Krishnamurty at their best. Superb. Kismat se tum, humko mile ho, Kaise chodenge, yeh haath hum na chodenge, Phir se banti taqdeeron ko, Armaanon ki zanjeeron ko, Jaanam ab na todenge, Kismat se tum humko mile ho, Kaise chodenge, yeh haath hum na chodenge.. Kya kahoon kaise lagte hai dil pe zulfon ke saaye, Koi bhoola raahi jaise manzil paa jaaye, Ya koi dil toofaan ka maara, Dard ki laheron mein aawaara, Koi pyaara pyaar ke saaye paa jaaye.. Kismat se tum, humko mile ho, Kaise chhodenge, yeh haath hum na chhodenge, Tukde dil ke hum tum milke, Phir se jodenge, yeh sheesha phir se jodenge.. Phir se banti taqdeeron ko, Armaanon ki zanjeeron ko Jaanam ab na todenge.. Yun sharmaati yun ghabraati aise simti simtaayi, O mere baalam yunhi nahin main jaate jaate laut aayi hoon, Preet meri pehchaani tune, Meri kadr to jaani tune, Ab dil jaaga hosh mein chaahat ab aayi.. Kismat se tum, humko mile ho, Kais

Ajab Ranbir aur Ghazab Katrina

I saw 'Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani' last weekend. That was a movie I was eagerly waiting for, for quite sometime. Promos looked fresh and promising and the music struck a chord with my heart right from the first time I heard it. Especially 'Tera hone laga hoon' and 'Na jaane kyu' drive me wild. Its love at its best there. Atif Aslam rocks. He and Mohit Chauhan are the best singers we have of late. I love each and every song of theirs. So I walked into the movie hall with loads of expectations and loads of friends. The movie started of really well. With a statue narrating the entire story. Ranbir is at his best here. Noone could have pulled off the crazy, non English speaking Prem this well. The story is really good and makes sense. With a lot copied from 'Andaz Apna Apna' the climax is super fun. Katrina is the surprising element here. She plays Jenny like noone else could. Finally she has learnt some new expressions and is a delight to watch. Her clothes

Nothing Incompatible

Last night, Just managed to watch the whole of "Whats your Rashee ", the movie. Mann boring and annoying it was. In the end the guy who is a Scorpio marries an Aquarius girl . But Scorpio and Aquarius are supposed to be Incompatible signs. So such things don't actually mean anything. Well, for one the movie proves it. So there is nothing as such as compatible or incompatible signs. Its the person and love that matters. I don't know why but this makes me extremely happy. I can still hope now.!! (Not that I had stopped)..

Bad Things

A verse from the book I'm currently reading. Jodi Picoult's best seller "Nineteen Minutes". Nobody wants to admit to this, but bad things will keep on happening. Maybe that's because it's all a chain, and a long time ago someone did the first bad thing, and that led someone else to do another bad thing, and so on. You know, like that game where you whisper a sentence into someone's ear, and that person whispers it to someone else, and it all comes out wrong in the end. But then again, maybe bad things happen because it's the only way we can keep remembering what good is supposed to look like.

Its all about Love

I'll be your dream I'll be your wish, I'll be your fantasy. I'll be your hope, I'll be your love, I'll be everything that you need. I'll love you more with every breath, Truly madly deeply. You're the reason for my living, You give my life deeper meaning. Please forgive me, I dont know what to do Please forgive me, I cant stop loving you. Dont deny me, The pain I'm going through, Please forgive me, I need you like I do. Look into my eyes, You'll see What you mean to me Search your heart, search your soul And when you find me there, You'll search no more. Don't tell me it's not worth trying for, You can't tell me it's not worth dying for, You know it's true, Everything I do, I do it for you. There's no love, like your love And no other, could give more love, I would fight for you, I'd lie for you, Walk the wire for you, Ya I'd die for you. You know it's true, Everything I do, I do it for you. What I got to d

No Answer

Today a friend asked me something, and for the first time ever I had no answer for something. I've always taken pride in the way I speak and how quickly I come up with witty answers. Today, I had nothing to say. Absolutely nothing. I just sat and looked at him and he says he has never seen me this lost before. He asked, "Do you think you will be able to love someone else". I still have no answer.