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'Exorcist', 'The Exorcism of Emily Rose', both these movies dint scare me as much as '2012' did today. This was one movie which I was waiting for months. The movie is superb, except that it scared the hell outa me.

When the ancient Mayan calender went missing after December 21st 2012 everyone said that thats the day the world would end. I just hope that the calender just went missing or someone forgot to fill it in. Because if the world is gonna end as its been shown in the movie, I'd rather die a day earlier and that would be less painful. I was kinda hoping that it would be better if the world ends, cos that would mean the end of all the problems and miseries. Not only mine but of the entire world. I know that was very pessimistic of me, but that seemed to be the best solution and I'm sure most of you all will agree with me. But now I think otherwise. The end shown in that movie is more brutal and painful than anything anyone would have experienced.

John Cusack, nice to see him in a serious role after all the romantic ones he has done. Loved him in 'Serendipity' though. He plays a failed writer who now drives a limousine for a multi billionaire. He's divorced and has two children and his ex wife seems to be dating someone. Amanda Peet his ex wife is stunningly gorgeous in the movie and the way her eyes speak is truly amazing. The movie starts of with a scientist, played wonderfully by Chiwetel Ejiofor learning that the earth's core temperature is increasing rapidly and the world is going to erupt soon. Next this issue is taken to the government of America, which then coordinates will all the nations to save the human race. This unity is shown really well and feels nice to know that people still feel that they are one. The best part is the scientist who discovered this huge catastrophic disaster is shown to be an Indian and the labs shown in the movie is enough to admit that we are a growing technological country. Good to know that :-).

This movie has more than enough bangs and is worth the 250 bucks you spend. First, California is ripped apart by massive earthquakes. The cracks shown in the streets are really scary. Then, part by part the whole world slides into the ocean. Mountains erupt and people are charred to death. Every symbol of mankind be it man made structures or nature itself is all wiped out. The white house, St Peters basilica, Christ the Redeemer is all broken down to pieces. The animation and technology used in the movie is excellent. The scenes are a delight to watch and I'm sure the director made this movie having the destructive thoughts of a very sadistic human who enjoys watching misery.

Unfortunately nothing much can be told about the story line which just has these characters trying to cope up with their failed relationships before the world comes to an end. Its a movie and yes they do reconcile and live happily ever after, after a bunch of people including them are saved and land up in some weird place where they are expected to start a new life, to save the human race. If you're in love the movie can be emotionally taxing knowing that you cant get to live a whole life if the world ends. Else, this sadistic movie actually turns into a joy ride with scenes shot with such aplomb that they wont let you take your eye off the screen for a minute. The movie is a bit too long and when you thought that you have seen it all, the ship/spaceship or whatever that thing is which is carrying the last of humanity heads towards the Mount Everest. I wonder how when everything collapsed, Mount Everest was standing tall almost like waiting for this spaceship thing to go and ram into it. The scene where the spaceship could not move ahead because the gates weren't closed had me smiling. No this had nothing to do with the movie though. Its just brought to light the realisation I had yesterday. Call it a coincidence or whatever. Until you close the gates of your life on somethings and some people you just cannot move ahead. Be it in whatever situation you are you have to do it inorder to escape pain and misery. Well, so this one had me smiling. The only moment throughout the movie where I actually smiled.

The rest of the movie is actually very thought provoking. The earths crust has been heated so badly that she actually explodes. I just hope after this movie, people and governments start taking global warming seriously and do something about it. These predictions may not seem to be true but if the world were to end on December 21st 2012 I'd want to be in the arms of my loved one with our families around. Wiping out of the human race seems really illogical but who knows what may happen. After all these things never existed before. And as they say, "Everything that has a beginning, has an END".