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About a BOY

My best post till date. A bit too long, but after 3 editing sessions the max I could bring down was to 76 lines. This one's for the love of my life.

On a fateful day,
In April was his birth
A sweet simple guy,
Who is very down to Earth.
Sometimes naive,
Something naughty,
Wherever he goes there is
Sure to be a party.
His smile is enough,
To light up my life
I dream to be with him,
To be his wife.
His voice is something
That captures my heart,
He is the only one,
I want close and never apart.
His lovelorn eyes,
Its all mine, every bit
I want to reach for them,
Cos it has my name all over it.
Every time I see him,
My heart skips a beat
His heart is the place,
Where I want a seat.
His gentle touch,
Always gives me goose bumps
Without him around,
Life seems to be in the dumps.
His arms were the place,
Where I felt warmth and care,
Now, I could do anything,
To get back there.
His heart is so pure,
His love so true,
There can be noone like him,
No, Not even a few.
Whether he's near
Or somewhere far apart,
I cant deny that,
He's the one who rules my heart.
Just his presence,
Makes my day,
He is so special,
In his own special way.
Noone looks better,
In formals than him,
He's the only one
Who makes my heart go ummm.
He drives me crazy,
He makes me go wild
He can treat me like a woman,
And pamper me like a child.
A great lover,
And a true friend,
Both he will be to me,
Until the world ends.
Life is so miserable,
And tough without him,
There is no light anywhere,
Everything is hazy and dim.
I'm so lonely and lost,
Myself I cant find
But if that makes him happy,
This bleeding pain I don't mind.
I could die,
To see a smile on his face,
I'd gladly do it for forever,
For years, months and days.
He's so unique,
That I cant think beyond him,
I cant nor do I want,
To stop loving him.
He's my present and my future,
Never will he be my past
His arms are the place,
Where I want to breathe my last.