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Ajab Ranbir aur Ghazab Katrina

I saw 'Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani' last weekend. That was a movie I was eagerly waiting for, for quite sometime. Promos looked fresh and promising and the music struck a chord with my heart right from the first time I heard it. Especially 'Tera hone laga hoon' and 'Na jaane kyu' drive me wild. Its love at its best there. Atif Aslam rocks. He and Mohit Chauhan are the best singers we have of late. I love each and every song of theirs.

So I walked into the movie hall with loads of expectations and loads of friends. The movie started of really well. With a statue narrating the entire story. Ranbir is at his best here. Noone could have pulled off the crazy, non English speaking Prem this well. The story is really good and makes sense. With a lot copied from 'Andaz Apna Apna' the climax is super fun. Katrina is the surprising element here. She plays Jenny like noone else could. Finally she has learnt some new expressions and is a delight to watch. Her clothes are to die for in the movie.

The second half drags on a bit too long but the hilarious climax makes up for more than that. Some scenes make you want to laugh your ass off. The scene where Ranbir cant stop grooving to the music is so amazing that you will want to stand up and applaud. The confused expressions on Katrina face during the climax finally shows the birth of an actress. She is gorgeous that girl. This movie has the heart in the right place. The cameo with Salman was a surprise, but he looks super fat. Time to start working out again buddy. Upen Patel, hmmm, what do I say bout him. Dint Santhoshi find anybody else? Did he even look for. That guy cant act to save his life let alone emote. The guy who played Anshuman in 'Jab we met' or the one who played Sushant in "Jaane tu ya jaane na' would have done a much decent job. Upen looks beefed up and totally out of place. If there has to be a bad point in the movie, its definitely him. Rest all is near perfect.

A sweet movie, with a cute love story. A must watch for all Ranbir's fans as he is present in practically every scene. Katrina and he share such an amazing chemistry that its hard to believe that they are just 2 characters in a movie. A delightful movie.!