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Brain Power

An interesting article in the paper today. "Women like Nerds", it said. Although not entirely true I'd not disagree on it. I wouldn't prefer calling them nerds. That sounds very geeky. "Smart and Intellectual" sounds much better. Yes, women definitely find such men better when compared to hot and sexy poster boys. Hot and sexy + Smart and intellectual = Jackpot. If you've found such a guy then stick on girl!! Never let him go.

So the whole article was about how these men who are old and nerdy attract young attractive women. Personally, I would surely prefer a learned man than a hot dumb one. See its not like good looking guys are always dumb. There are a few smart ones, but no matter how smart they are they will be narcissists. They have this air about them that they can rule the world and can have any woman by their side. Such guys are a strict no no for me. Any guy who can keep me engaged in a conversation is a big hit with me. You need to have a partner with whom you can talk to endlessly. Because when you grow old, conversation is the only thing that will keep you going. In order to make decent talk the guy has to well learnt and smart. If thats called nerdy so be it.

I've always found this quality the best in men. Nothing to do with the age and all, but I've always found a Shashi Tharoor more attractive than a ShahRukh Khan or a Rahul Bose more fascinating than a Hrithik Roshan. Looks are great yes, but something within should matter to. I'd call it the 'CHARM'. Looks are not charming always. The way a guy speaks, the topics he prefers, his take on life, the books he reads, this is enough to know about a guy and how will he treat you. But these may not be the same for every guy. Like take the guy I'm crazy about for an example. He doesn't like to read. Not a movie buff like me who watches atleast 2 movies a week on big screen. But the thing that attracts him most to me is the way he keeps my brain and heart occupied. Everyday with him was an adventure and not a routine. I love him, so thats what has to do with the heart. But he's the only one who has been able to titillate my brain and heart the same way. 5 hours of conversation with him and I'd still look forward for more. Topics should not be limited obviously. Any topic under the sun should be discussed with ease. Ofcourse, this depends on the comfort level as well. But that depends on the person and how comfortable he makes you feel. He makes me fall in love with him every single day and this has to do with the way he is and thats what attracts him the most to me. An extra talent like singing, writing, playing an instrument or a sport is an added advantage. Noone until today, has had me drooling over him like this one has. He is an entire package with beauty, brains and a heart to kill for. I've always wanted a guy who is a step ahead of me in every field. This one surely is and thats what is most attractive about him.

Most guys are so obsessed about the way they look and how hot girls find them. Among such guys I would surely go for the one who is simple and down to earth. The article says that everyone would like a partner who is unlike them. I'm not the simple and down to earth types , but I'd surely want one who is like that. That way we can complete each other. I've had guy friends who are so obsessed about themselves that they complain that why don't girls find them attractive. I tell them what a girl looks for but they just fail to get it. How hard is it to get that girls don't fall for the way a guy looks or for the the things he can afford. Okay wont deny that there are plenty of girls out there who would actually fall for such things. But they are the ones who fail to understand love and companionship.

Brain power rules, in both males and females. Would never compromise on such a thing. I think nobody should.


  1. he he..while reading the sunday times today morning..i was thinking it would make an interesting discussion for tomorrow:-)

  2. It sure will :-)... Great minds think alike Aru... :-)


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