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Finally Something Good

Its November and finally this year is turning out to be a tad better. I hope these two months ahead compensate for the ten past ones. Anyways the reason I said that this year is getting better is that from the start of this month, good things are happening. Yeah finally!! Phew, how much I've waited for the year to get better. Work is great, realisations dawned, realised the importance of few people in life, shunned out a lot of unwanted people, finally figured out what I want in life, celebrated the success of my weight put on mission, won a contest at blogger town, going on a holiday and now, one of my best friends is getting married.!!! Yay! I'm so damned happy. She deserves a lot of happiness and I'm sure she will get it. Congrats Girl.!! I hope this improvement in life continues. Keeping fingers crossed.!!


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