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The 3D Experience

Finally, watched the much hyped 'Avatar' today. I wanted to see what the whole hype about 3D was. It was an amazing experience. To start of with we were sitting in the second row from front, with these huge glasses, that made us feel that we were actually in Pandora. The first movie I have even seen in 3D and surely the most expensive one. Its a good movie, with amazing graphics. But the storyline is really weak and cliched. As in 'Troy', here too a woman is responsible for the clash between 2 races which leads to the down fall of one. Seriously, love makes you do crazy things! Be it losing yourself, or going against every other thing in life and sometimes life itself.

Sam Worthington who plays the ex-marine Jake Sully, is an amazing actor. And he's really really cute! I wonder why I had never heard of him until today. If there is a heaven on earth, it surely would be Pandora. Minus, the huge 6 legged beasts of course. That place is beautiful and has all the colors known to man. The floating mountains were quite a sight and the huge dragon like birds were breathtakingly beautiful. The storyline is very very weak. The marine, Jake is sent in an Avatar form to Pandora, to convince the natives to move and let the humans retrieve some precious element on which Pandora is resting upon. The Avatar, then falls in love with a native woman and cant betray her. So he goes against the people who sent him to this place in order to save the natives. That's all the story is.

The movie is worth watching, for its graphics alone. There were times when I actually felt the wind blowing my hair and the leaves touching my face. 3D indeed was 3D :-). The movie shows why it took 1200 Crores to make it. The 8 feet tall natives look really good with sleek bodies. The way they emote is fabulous and I wonder how Cameron got it that perfectly. After 'Titanic', which was all about the love, here's another master piece which is all about graphics alone. A must watch yes, but only to gain a 3d experience.