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This is the only thing constant in the world and maybe(?) the best thing too. I am not talking about the change in weather, time or fashion here. Of late I'm supremely fascinated, rather intrigued by the human nature so lets talk about that.

People change, yes. But why? When? And how. I've always wondered why old aunties think that their spoilt sons/daughters will change after marriage. I mean after all its only marriage, not rebirth. No one can change anyone. That's one thing practically impossible. If the person wants to change then that's one accomplished mission in itself. Situations are the best catalysts to bring out the change in people. According to me, there are 2 kinds of change. Constructive and Destructive. The names speak for themselves I'm sure so I'm not gonna bother describe them. I believe life is like a spiral curve. There are ups and downs at every corner. Oh believe me its true. The ups give you a high and makes you think that life rocks while the downs make you wish that you didn't exist. Now the cue lies in how you take it. Some people refuse to believe that happiness never lasts for ever. They never want to come out of the well and view the other things. Downs happen when you do something wrong. Change yourself to never do such a thing again. I cant assure that you wont be down again, but atleast it will be for a different reason. Then comes another learning and then another changing lesson.

Situations bring out the best and the worst in people. You change for good then cheers. Else God save you. I'm talking about the change in the inner self. I'm now clear that people do change. And how. Maybe its got to do with the things they have gone through or they are just modelling themselves on someone else. But what some people don't realise is that how their change affects the people around them. This too can be constructive or destructive. Its sometimes kinda shocking how people can change. Its rightly said that 'A friend in need, is a friend in deed'. When you are messed up, the way people around you change is when you actually start realising things. The human nature is so damn complicated. Someone's misery is someone's joy. Cant believe it but its true.

The direction in which a person wants to change when he/she encounters such situations depends only on them. Its very easy to put up a strong face in front and die inside. But what they fail to realise is that its much simpler to accept it and change for good. Everyone is happy the way they are. But sometimes how the world views it also matters. The change that is giving them a high maybe paving way to the lowest paths in another being's life. Again this is something that cant be taught or told. One just has to realise it. A person always the way he/she is at the time they were born. Change is only a mask which keeps changing from time to time. One thing sure is established, people do change. Only by their own will. And when they do, all you can do is watch. Cos its something they want to do. If your life is getting affected by it, then the only thing you can do is change yourself to adapt to it.