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Dec 23rd '09

Woooo... Today has been the second best day of this year for me. The first being exactly a month ago, Nov 23rd. So just 2 best days among the 365. Not so good. But I have a feeling that Dec 23rd onwards, things are gonna be great. Atleast the last week of the year rocks if not the rest of it.

Today was a whole celebration day. I had hell loads of work to finish, but had to run here and there for all the programs. My heels snapped, feet hurt but still there was no stopping. It was so much fun and totally worth the pain. We started of with the secret santa disclosure. Mine turned out to be my team lead, and was overwhelmed by the kind words he spoke about me :-). Each person had to describe their secret friend using a vegetable, which was hilarious. A whole bunch of brinjals, cauli flowers, chillies, drumsticks, tomatoes, pumpkins came out!! :D. I was sadly described as a coconut :-(. Reason being that I was from Kerala. Damn, and people ask me why I hate to accept the fact that I'm a Mall!!

Next, was the pot luck lunch. About 2 tables filled with different types of delicious food. It took each one of us about 2 hours to try every item. My veg biryani (made by mom ofcourse) was quite a hit! We had every single thing. Starters, appetisers, main course and desserts and drinks. Each about 6-8 types. Man, what a lunch! I have such a great team and the fun we have is ultimate. Next I had to rush back to my work. But then came the treasure hunt and dress me up contests. 2 members out of our team of 6 went missing suddenly and so we had to pull out people from meeting rooms to complete the team :D. We were the first ones to find the treasure! We sure had a hell of a time looking for a brown lipstick, which was nicely perched in eoe's bag. That we won.

Next was the 'Dress me Up', where one of the team members had to be a model and the others would dress them up to look like someone famous using only paper and tape. No scissors even. I only remember laughing during this contest as we transformed our lil EOE into a fairy. She was such a cute sight!!! :D. Her perfect fit gown, tiara, and her magic wand won us the first prize here too. It was so much fun. All the prizes were chocolates and we were loaded with them. Tomorrow's gonna be more fun with the DJ party n all. Cant wait for it. I hope the remaining days of 2009 also pass with celebrations alone.