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Hide in the woods, Tiger!

Infidelity, hypocrisy and lies. There are the three things that I hate the most. Tiger Woods, what do I say about the man. I mean, what dint he have. A flourishing career, an infinite bank balance, a beautiful wife and 2 adorable kids. That would be the legitimate ones. Why would he want to throw away all this. A shocker indeed. Looks like he was out to prove his delivery of high performance. If you know what I mean :P. Not one, not two but innumerable affairs? Only a Tiger could do that. I know the golf course says 18 holes, but I think he had some misunderstanding here :P.

How can he possibly look into the eye of his wife. I cant believe that, that woman is actually contemplating to take him back. Excuse me, have you no self respect here Mrs, Woods? The kids surely deserve a better father and not the one who goes laying anything in sight. Sheesh, I could just kill him with my bare hands. You crash your car, hide or take an indefinite break, you will have to pay for your sins sooner or later.

Until then, hide Tiger! Hide in the woods!


  1. liked ur title:-)
    (not only do you make the headlines,but write them well too:-)

    PS:and yes it's going to rain today,so carry an umbrella:-)

  2. Thanks Aru... Yup a raincoat for today..!!:-)
    U know my thing against umbrella's right.. :P

  3. Oh yes fashionista,I forgot:-)


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