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High, Low & The Learnings

Its now time to summarize what all happened in 2009. As the miserable year finally comes to an end, I cant help but thank it for some of the amazing learning's I've had this year. Lows have been plenty, but there has been a few highs as well. Lets see what all is significant.

  1. Mental agony, therapist visits, the feeling that I was a gone case during the first half of this year.
  2. Not knowing how to prioritise stuff, and putting others before me.
  3. Made several pathetic decisions, dint know how to handle things, did all wrong things to win someone back, and finally ended up as a complete loser.
  4. The death of my 19 year old cousin, was a major blow.
  5. Realised the true intentions of a few people, who only wanted to manipulate me to get their way. I've never been this hurt before.
  6. Did not heed to others opinions and stuck stubbornly to mine, which turned out to be so damn wrong.
  7. Gave away my original 'The Godfather' book, to someone and cant remember who it was.
  8. Reading and self time took a backseat, and work was all I wanted to do to keep my mind occupied.
  9. Hurt a lot of people, unintentionally.
  10. I still cant forget him.

  1. Doing really good at work, and I am at a secure place.
  2. Found great friends whom I can bank upon.
  3. Started my Blog, got an invitation from Bloggertown and won their first contest.
  4. Decided to let go of a few things, and so far have succeeded.
  5. Went to Mangalore with friends, and had a gala time.
  6. Saw '3 Idiots' first day, first show, which added to my learning's.
  7. Became religious, which I feel is actually responsible for these highs.
  8. Put on weight to fulfil my Mom's wish and am in a fit shape now.
  9. Finally, I'm at peace within myself and I have everything I want.
  10. He's still a part of my life.
  1. The more you run after something, the more it runs away from you. Just let it be, times change and so do people.
  2. Never trust anyone, but yourself.
  3. The past is only a guiding post, not a hitching post.
  4. Situations influence people. But the decision to take it positively or negatively is only yours.
  5. Everything happens for a reason, and everything happens for good.
  6. Everyone has their day in the sun. Life is a blank sheet, its up to you to fill it.
  7. Nothing is more precious than a strong will.
  8. Hope and faith in God, is like oxygen and water. I live by it now.
  9. If things are meant to be, it will be.
  10. The feeling of belonging to someone is natural. Nothing wrong or insane about it.
  11. Just mould yourself to adapt to situations. Life is not sugar coated always.
  12. Have an opinion. But respect the fact that others have it too.
  13. Always try to better yourself. That's the real competition.
  14. Its always better to let go, than to hold on to something that painful.
  15. Some bad things have to happen, for you to realise how great the good things are.
  16. Learn from your mistakes. Remember the action and forget the source. Nothing hurts more than reminiscing about your mistakes.
  17. Smile. Always. There is absolutely no need for others to know what you're going through. If they truly care, they'll sense it.
  18. Its perfectly okay to be selfish sometimes and think only about oneself. Sometimes.
  19. What works for others may not work for you. Similarly what works for you may not work for others. Just stick on to what works for you.
  20. Ignorance is bliss. Its unfortunate that I'm not ignorant. If I were, I would never have had any problems.
  21. Nothing lasts forever. Everything that has a beginning, has an end.
  22. Time doesn't heal anything. You're your own doctor.
  23. Somethings always exist. As long as there is someone around to remember it. Don't let it exist.
  24. Its either eternal hell or eternal heaven. There is no place in between.
  25. Love, happens only once.


  1. Number of your learnings are more than your highs and lows combined.Thats always a positive thing..

    and just noticed...your last learning remained the last learning.U wish I had a bout of amnesia dont u:-)

  2. Yeah high learnings this time... sadly it was learnt the hard way..

    You have no idea how I wish that. Maybe I need to experiment lobotomy on you first..!! Use your noticing and remembering skills on better stuff.. :-)


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