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Life in 4 Photographs

This was an email sent to me. I sat reading it 6 times back to back. Amazing.

First Pic.

Break of Dawn -- New lease of life, embarking upon a new voyage.
A Child Flying Kite -- Young Blood, aspiring to fly high with enormous zest and zeal. Because you know, sky is the limit.
A Small Tree -- Need to nurture.
Two Birds Hovering Above -- There are people around to take ample care of you, you are actually carefree.

Second Pic.

Daylight -- You are almost halfway through in this voyage called life.
Couple -- You have a better half of yours to lean upon and speak your heart out.
Grown-up Tree -- You have been nurtured profusely to stand tall n rigidly in the storms that may otherwise let you down.
A Small Tree -- You, together with your better half, have given a new lease of life to another breaking dawn (your child).
One Bird Hovering Above -- There are comparatively less people around you to take care of you, unlike during your wonder childhood years.

Third Pic.

Fall of Dusk -- Twilight is setting , life has come a full circle.
An Old Man -- It's a race against time now on, it's the beginning of the end of the voyage.
Ageing Tree -- Signifies the above two things, second one being the personification of this.
Grown Tree -- Your kids have grown up, it's high time you start supporting them with tender care rather than clashes.
One Bird -- Self Explanatory, I guess??? :'(
Grave -- In course of the voyage you have lost loved ones n you also start to anticipate your ultimate fate and destiny.

Fourth Pic.

Nightfall -- Voyage is over, darkness is looming, high time to say good bye.
Starry Sky -- There's still happiness around, thanks to the aesthetic memories left by you and the good work done too.
Grown-up Tree -- Your kids are walking in your shoes now, it's time for them to follow your footsteps drawing inspiration from your exemplary life.
Grave With Two Crosses -- You are united with your soulmate and RIP forever.


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