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Maa.. All the way

Paa - A very rare father-son, son-father story, actually was a mother-son story. Highly publicised, this one actually stands up to the expectations. Amitabh proves that he is indeed the legend of Indian Cinema. As Auro, the gawky, bald 12 year old suffering from progeria he is splendid and sometimes its hard to believe that he is actually Amitabh. He oozes blood and flesh into the character and makes it a memorable one. You laugh with him and enjoy his 'potty' jokes. Not once would you actually pity this guy. His introduction scene in the movie, his stooped walk, nasal twang, his dance, you carry all this back with you once you leave the theatre. The legend once again has excelled.

Vidya Balan looks beautiful as his mother and the chemistry they share is the best part of the movie. Sadly, her clothes in the flashback scenes are pitiful and she needs to get ready to receive some more flak. Apart from that, her saree clad gynaecologist look is good and she plays her part to perfection. Reminded me of her Parineeta days. She is a wonderful actress and she needs to stick to such meaningful roles rather than glam roles. She can never pull that off.

Abhishek, looks good. Yeah this is one thing that I thought I'd never tell. But he does look really good as the kurta clad politician. His acting has always been good but here its uber cool. He gets to know the truth about his son only during the last half n hour of the movie and I dont think thats enough to call the movie Paa. Vidya surely deserves credit for this one. The person who stands out next to Amitabh is Arundati Nag who plays Vidya's mom. A single strong woman who stands by her daughter when she decides to have a baby out of wedlock. Fondly called 'Bum' by her grandson Auro, her chemistry with her grandson is remarkable. She's surely made Bangalore proud with this one.

Overall, except that dramatic wedding scene in the hospital, Paa is definitely worth a watch and you surely will take back something from this one. It proves that Amitabh was and will always be the Shehanshah of Bollywood.


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