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The Other Side

When I was going through a rough phase and people expected me to recuperate soon, I ignored all their talk and was content being depressed and disappointed. I always thought that people around me can see my pain but not feel it. I was content being locked up, visiting shrinks and looking for places where I could find any form of happiness. But, now that my friend is going through the same thing, this is not how I feel. I want to knock the unhappiness off her and want to see her happy soon. If only I had realised it earlier maybe things would have been different. The other side may always not be as bad as you think it is.

The grass is always greener on the other side, goes the saying. It sure is. The other side of life (I don't know why I'm thinking of Sheldon here :-), is much simpler and beautiful than it appears to be. No matter how much I curse this year, but this one has been the major learning lesson of my life. Looking at the other side, i just realised that I have grown up so much in a year. These experiences are gonna last with me for a lifetime.

It always been human nature, to want for something more. No harm in desiring for things. But just make sure that what you're desiring for is actually worth it.!! The way you view things may not be the same way, others do. Everyone has an opinion about everything. And they usually stink. But you just need to stick to yours.

I have now come to believe that you always have to wait for good things in life. Make the wait worthwhile and not painful. I always ask my friend, why cant everyone be like us? She says, if everyone was like us, then the world would have been a perfect place and nothing exciting would happen. Cheers to that. Life is like a coin, it has two sides always. From either side, the other one always feels appealing. It can be, it may not be. I have always maintained that for me, everything is either black or white. Nothing grey. All this while I was living in a grey zone, now that I'm back into the white part things seem clear.

Things and situations are never gonna be the same. They have a life of their own and they flip and turn as and when they like. Today's joy maybe tomorrow's sorrow and viceversa. Like my nephew says, 'Everyone has their day in the sun, its not dark always'. It always been there, everypart of life will always have an other side.