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P.S. I Love You

Just saw 'P.S. I Love You' for the nth time. Surprisingly I dint cry.Either I'm moving on very well or I'm so used to the crap that there are no more feelings left to bother me.

Feelings have subsided,
Things seem fine,
I've come to accept that,
You're no longer mine.
I'm just happy to see,
That you're doing fine
The happiness you have,
Is now equivalent to mine.
Being loved by you once,
Is a matter of pride
It no more matters,
If I cant be your bride.
There still is a void,
But it will get filled with time,
It may take long to get over,
Cos love is almost like a crime.
I'm halfway through,
Soon I'll be there,
I'll change my views,
And will find one who will care.
I just have to let go,
Thats the only thing thats hard,
Cos no matter what,
It still is you!
I just want to see you laugh,
And never once cry,
I'm surely gonna move on,
Trust me, I'm gonna try.
But its really important,
For me to see you happy,
To see the smile on your face,
To see joy in all your days.
Cos, no matter what,
This will always be true,

P.S. I love you!