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Although Thanksgiving is long gone on 26th November, I dint get a chance to say thanks to the most important things in my life. I had the turkey, but forgot to say thanks, so here it goes.

I thank God, for giving me the following.

  • Parents and Sister : I have the greatest parents in the world. Always supportive and have been there for me through thick and thin. My sister for standing by my side when things went wrong, and all of them for pampering me and spoiling me with what ever I want.
  • IBM and Vodafone UK : Thanks to these guys I have a job today and am financially independent. I can have anything I want at any time and my job has giving me great security and recognition.
  • Internet : My second best past time. Internet has given me my blog, which is my open diary. Without facebook, orkut, torrent how could I have met my old school friends and how would I download movies?
  • Carbs and Proteins : For helping me gain weight when I wanted to and making me fit. Now that I have reached equilibrium, I think you should stop. Please stop. Okay reminds me, I thank my exercising equipment too :-).
  • These people : Jeffery Archer, Jodi Picoult, Danielle Steel, Arthur Hailey, Mitch Albom, Khalid Hosseini, Jhumpa Lahiri, Monica Ali for writing amazing books and keeping me engrossed. This is my only life apart from work. Also thanks to Salman Rushdie, Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan, Tuhin Sinha and Chetan Bhagat for making me realise how crappy your writing is and I would never want to pick your books again. Indian Authors will never learn :-/.
  • 2009 : Although it has been a tough year that I would like to forget, This year has taught me a lot of important lessons. This year surely will be the turning point for my growing up.
  • Kabab King : Being a hardcore chickenatarian, I need to have chicken almost once a day, except for thursdays when I fast. Kabab King in my office has the most delicious chicken delicacies and usually forms the staple meal for me and my friends.
  • Coffee : Oh what would I do without you. With 4-5 cups a day, I'm a supreme caffeine addict. I need coffee to work hard, to rattle my brains, to have fun with friends, while reading a book and the first thing when I wake up. Again, thursdays are an exception cos I'm on a detox diet then and am not allowed milk products. This is one addiction I never wanna let go. Its bad for my migraine I know but still. When smokers smoke knowing that its bad for their lungs, why cant I. After all its just caffeine and not cocaine. Okay, no pun intended here.
  • The Elephant Man and Paa: For teaching me two of life's most important lessons.
  • My wonderful friends : All those who have stood by me when I needed support and have brought a smile onto my face when I was low. I love you guys.
  • Feelings : Times have changed, but this is one thing that will never change. Thanks for that.
  • French Manicure : For making my fingers and toes look neat. Okay you guys can laugh now.
  • My Doctors : For treating my migraines and for listening when I opened my heart out.
  • Prayers : God has answered almost all my prayers and I'm satisfied today. I have no complaints with life anymore. I have the things I wanted and the things which were messing me up are all out.
  • Me : By giving me a life, God has gifted me an worthwhile experience. I love myself for being myself. Blunt, crazy, curt whatever I am. I still am what I am and I'm proud of it.
Happy belated Thanksgiving everyone.