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To Believe

To believe, is to know that
Each day is a blessing.
To make you realise that,
There is always a new beginning.

To believe, is to find strength
To pass through life.
To find the courage,
And to work hard and strive.

To believe, is to see the love
In the eyes of an innocent child,
In the veins of an ageing hand,
And the learning's that it has had.

To believe, is to know the value
Of a loving soul
Of a nurturing heart,
And how to feel whole.

To believe, is to see cupid,
Each time you feel love,
To hear violins play,
To see joy come your way.

To believe, is to trust
The ones who are close,
To follow your instincts
And know when to close the doors.

To believe, is to pray
Today tomorrow and each day,
To know that someones watching you,
Constantly, come what may.

To believe, is to know that
we are not alone,
That life is a gift,
And this is the time to cherish it.

To believe, is to believe in you
That you can control the mass,
If something seems to go wrong,
Just believe, this too shall pass.