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To Santa, With Love

Dear Santa, I have hung up my stocking and here is my wish list. 2009 has been a terrible year and I just hope 2010 is a tad better atleast. Here are the things that I want for 2010.

  • Good health and peace, for my parents.
  • A smart handsome groom for my sister, who better keep her happy.
  • Eternal happiness and everything he wants, for the boy in 'About a Boy'.
  • A wonderful future for Priya and her better half.
  • Only good things, for my girls Dumms, Mangu, Pree and Swetha.
  • A 'Vamp-iyer' boy for EOE. Or permission to marry a smiley :-).
  • Entry into IIMB and the Nath house, for Prink.
  • A chamy free year, for Resmi.
  • A non serious boy, with a bike and good weather, for Divs (My Partner :P).
  • Professional high and a homely bride who meets all his specifications, for Aru.
  • And peace n joy, for all my other friends.
I don't need much Santa. I don't expect next year to be exceptionally good. If bad things are meant to happen, let it. Just give me the strength and courage to get past it. And I want all the people mentioned above to be in my life for ever. That's not asking for too much is it? :-)


  1. awwwwwwww :) thanks girl!! (Full water works) Hope Santa brings into ur butti only the best of species of mankind and also no more bullshit in TMS!!

  2. Your welcome, eoe child.. Yeah man, I need better things in my butti now :-). And to not expect the latter would be high hopes.. TMS is all about that! :'(


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