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The Waiting Game

There are another 26 days left for 2009 to end, and I cant wait for it. This year has clearly been the worst in my life. I hated everything that happened this year, right from the beginning until a month back. I just wish that this year could just get erased from my life. Nothing, nothing good has happened this year that I would like to remember. Things seemed to be getting better at a point last month and they still are. I have no complaints now as such, but I would have liked to have a happy 10 months instead of a minutely happy 2 months. God's way of making it up to you needs improvement I guess. I want to start afresh and would definitely want good things to happen to me in the forth coming year atleast. That's it, this one has been the worst and what can be worse than the worst?

2010 better be good. I've had my share of miseries and pain this whole year. Next year I wish to see some(if not great) joy. I have learnt a lot from this year and have made a promise to myself to never repeat my mistakes again. I have left behind a lot of people this year and stuck to a very important few. I don't know why but now I have come to believe that, the lesser people in your life, the less complicated it is. It seem to be working well for me and I know I don't need those people anymore. Absolutely no offense meant to them.

If not anything else, 2009 has taught me patience. Which now seems to be my virtue :-). I've seen so much this year, failures at work, family issues, falling sick, wedding talk, talking to prospective grooms, clingy people, badly dressed people, broken hearts, counsellor visits and worse, death. The death of my 19 year old cousin was the final blow. There are many times when I just wanted to break down and give it all up. But there was something inside me that kept telling me to move on and that there will be a better tomorrow. I was strong and decided that I wanted to see a better day and that has kept me going till now. If you cant avoid the realities of life, you might as well as accept it. Things are now getting better, and I'm sure its only gonna be positive from now on.

One more thing that this year has taught me was never to have expectations. Walk in with a blank slate and fill in as you encounter things. That's what gonna be my resolution number 1. The more you expect, more are the chances of disappointment. Don't want the same old shit again. 2009 has been a hard learning lesson. I finally got to know what true love means, saw the true colours of people, realised how manipulative and shrewd people can get to have their way, and figured out that if one has to be happy, he/she must live for themselves. That's the only way one can be happy. Considering the number of learning lessons I've had, I now reckon that this year wasn't all that bad. Atleast in some way or the other it has helped me grow and surely made me a better person. Also, 2009 was the year I first started blogging. So here we go, we have one good thing that happened this year..!!:-) (Atleast I hope so!).


  1. And one of the good things that i have done in 2009 was when i started reading your blogs :) :)

  2. one good thing happened in my life is i left that dusty manyata (kidding ya), I still like our top place in between the D buildings

  3. Ohh please.. come n have a look at manyata now, no dust anywhere.. Ya that place still rocks..!! :)

    But I dont find time to go there at all now :(


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