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Why do people you hardly or don't even know want to be friends with you on facebook or orkut? When you reject an invitation thrice, don't they get the hint? The next time I login. there it is again. The only thing that does change, is the number of 's' in "Pleassssse, be my friend". I guess some people just want to live in denial, or they have taken the King Bruce's story way too seriously.!


  1. Three times!one persistent fella..maybe another Open marriage types;-)

  2. Guess so.. Worse part is he's not the only one.. I'll never know why I attract such creeps :'(

  3. Saying i want to do friendship with you....sending repeated friendship requests, living in denial. Now isn't that creepy??? Do you know why???

    They are creeps, coz they haven't studied in a convent school and they don't speak english with an accent, neither do they look like an american nor do they have a physique like an red Indian. No fancy car takes them around and the so called " creeps " are socially incompetent.

    Your right, he isn't the only one, there are lots of them like him.


  4. Okay arijit.. You seem to be taking it the wrong way here.. I have nothing against how people look, their accent or their fancy cars.. If someone denies friendship with a stranger, I think the thought needs to be respected.. Thats all I mean here..

    Social incompetency has nothing to do with it.. If there is one or many, that shoulsnt matter.. What matters is how the other person feels..


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